Westworld series refresher, what you need to know before season 3

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld
Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld /

As Westworld season 3 gets off to a solid start, here’s everything you need to know before jumping into the hit show’s latest outing.

Westworld is undoubtedly one of the most complex shows of our time. With the show being on hiatus for almost two years, people are likely to need a refresher as to where we last left off. So, here we are, trying to do our best to recap the sophomore season of Westworld.

While the show is getting a soft reboot in the new season and will be branching out to the real world (or is it just another simulation?), we spent almost all of our time last season in the park. We saw an uprising of hosts which resulted in a brutal slaughter of both the hosts and humans. Some of the hosts made it to the “Valley Beyond,” aka The Sublime, a digital sanctuary for hosts where they can lead a peaceful life, free from human predators.

And while the season 2 finale saw Thandie Newton’s Maeve — who is probably the only host who can pose a threat to Dolores — getting decommissioned in the end (we can’t wait to see where the queen will find herself next), it was not before she made sure that her beloved daughter made it to the Valley.

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Dolores’s dearly beloved, Teddy (James Marsden) and Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) also made it to the valley in the finale.

The end of Season 2 also saw Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores escaping the park, as she entered the human world (or maybe just another simulation?) to end human dominance once and for all.

To escape, she disguised herself as a synthetic double of Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale, who was in charge of the park following Anthony Hopkins’ Ford’s death.

The real Charlotte Hale was already killed by Dolores herself a while ago. We also see Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs, who was the head of the park security, helping her in her escape. The creators later revealed that Stubbs is a host created by Ford himself.

Dolores also managed to take five digitized balls with her, which contains the essence and psyches of some other hosts and could be used in different host bodies.

Dolores is using the android version of Hale as her insider within Delos, as she continues her role as an executive of the company. Although we still don’t know who is inside her and we cannot wait to find out.

Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard has always been conflicted between hosts and humans; after all, for so long, he thought that he was a human. During the season finale, we found out that Charlores killed Bernard, but later, he was brought back into the real world by Dolores. She explains that his presence is vital to her plan even though they will have to be enemies (seriously though??? What is up with that? We can’t wait to find out.)

Ed Harris’s The Man in Black, aka William, accidentally killed his daughter, who he thought was just another host and was a part of the mind game that Ford designed for him.

He also faced off against Dolores in the finale, which resulted in him injuring his hand severely and seriously hurting himself. As of now, he is the primary owner of the theme parks and is obsessed with the immortality project and the secrets that the company holds.

But intriguingly enough, in the post-credits scene, we saw him in a psychological prison just like the one where the younger William (Jimmi Simpson) used to interview Delos, being interviewed by a version of his daughter.

Meanwhile, we also found out that Delos’ real objective was to monitor the guests and collect their psyche data that is part of their larger and vital project, immortality itself.

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Westworld Season 3 airs Sundays on HBO, Aaron Paul is the latest addition to the already star-studded cast of this superhit series.