Howards End Recap: Episode 3


Howards End is a four-part miniseries that originally aired in Britain in 2017 and the third episode aired on Starz last night.

We’re over the hump of the Starz mini-series, Howards End. Episode three presented quite a bit of conflict among our main characters, even though it started out sort of sweet.

Henry invites Margaret to his home on Ducey Street as a possible new home for the Schlegels. Margaret charms Henry as she makes herself comfortable in the large apartment.

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Then Henry tells her he invited her to the home under false pretenses and that he wishes to ask her something, but does so in a such a way that is both clumsy and awkward. Margaret, full of kindness, tells him she knows what he will ask.

When he finally asks her, she says she will reply in a letter. He knows she is much younger than him and he tries to let her off easy, like saying “no pressure.” But she simply replies, “You quite take my breath away.” Swoon!

When Margaret informs Helen of Henry’s proposal, she’s outraged and begs her not to accept. Helen’s exception to Henry stems from the Paul debacle in the first episode. But she also recognized the vast differences between the couple, mainly the age and ideals factors.

Margaret accepts Henry’s proposal, and they begin to make their plans. Henry arrives at Aunt Juley’s house in Swanage where they couple decides to talk “business.” Henry isn’t prepared for Margaret’s line of questions, especially when she asked him how much he made.

He’s horrified. It marks one significant difference in ideals. He believes it’s not a woman’s business to know how much her husband makes; she thinks it is her business.

As it turns out, Helen isn’t the only one unhappy with this arrangement. Charles Wilcox is beside himself about his father’s engagement and still suspects Margaret is ill-intentioned. He wants Margaret nowhere near Howards End. By the way, Margaret still hasn’t seen the place the whole show is named after.

Meanwhile, with Leonard Bast, he quit his job at the insurance company at the advice from the Schlegel girls, who got their info from Henry. Leonard takes a position with a bank. While he makes less money in this position, he writes to Margaret and Helen assuring them he thinks he made the right decision in the long run.

Helen is furious and takes it out on Henry for giving them the information in the first place. When Henry’s aloof response to her frustrations and appears not to remember even giving them the info, Helen loses her mind.

Condescendingly, he tells her that she shouldn’t take such a sentimental attitude about the poor and that Leonard brought it on himself. So, Helen is definitely not a Henry fan.

We then find out that Jackey is sick and Leonard ends up losing his job at the bank due to cutbacks. She urges him to write to Helen again explaining their situation.

Taking a turn for the worse

As this is happening, Margaret arrives at Shropshire for Evie’s wedding with Charles, his wife, and two little boys. Henry suggested that they live in Shropshire after they get married. They have a wonderful time until three guests arrive.

Helen, after finding out Leonard and Jackey are in dire straights, drags them to Shropshire to confront Henry for a job.

Margaret is furious at her sister for causing such a scene. As it turns out, Jackey is Henry’s former mistress! What the what?! Henry believe Margaret knew and ended their engagement.

Helen brings the Basts to a hotel, and after Jackey goes to bed, Helen and Leonard converse about the events of the day. They also have a real conversation about how Leonard really is, which becomes the most interment moment between them. Together, they close the shutters, and we can only assume some hanky-panky may or may not have happened in that hotel room.

One last thing to mention is Margaret finally gets to see Howards End. She spends a lot of time walking around the home, and you can tell she is completely in love with it.

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The housekeeper mistakes her for Ruth Wilcox, which makes me wonder if that’s really what Henry sees in Margaret. They have nothing in common, so could it be her looks?

What will happen in the series finale? We’ll find out next week!