Luke Cage tries out for the New York Jets in new sneak peek


Is Luke Cage getting a new job in season two?

A new sneak peek at the upcoming season of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix teases the unbreakable man trying out for the NFL. It’s an amusing sequence, however, fans can rest easy knowing Luke probably won’t be leaving Harlem anytime soon.

In the new clip released today for Luke Cage, the titular hero shows off his skills for Todd Bowles. The New York Jets coach is shocked to watch all of Cage’s physical feats compared to those of an average NFL player. However, he isn’t alone with a lot of his supporters surrounding the tryout to cheer on their favorite hero.

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Of course, Luke Cage has nothing to worry about as he easily makes it through each trial. Easily lifting a four hundred pound tire, he begins to show off by throwing it at the end. The crowd is going wild and even Bowles looks excited at a new prospective player joining his team.

Let’s face it, the New York Jets need more talent and Cage could play almost any position.

He shatters the world records for the length a person can jump and a 40-yard dash. However, there’s one woman on the sidelines who isn’t impressed with Luke Cage. She views his abilities as unnatural, and unfortunately, that’s something he’s dealt with since he got them.

As fun as it is to see Luke Cage hang around and show off for a crowd, it’s unlikely the NFL will allow him to join. For starters, his powers give him a severe advantage over everyone else and would set a precedent in Marvel history.

The biggest reason would be how much time a football career would take up compared to keeping Harlem safe.

The sneak peek serves as a reminder that Luke Cage is the only member of the Defenders team to embrace his status as a hero. He uses his first name for fighting crime and takes photos with young kids on the street. If it was any other member of the Netflix Marvel universe trying out for the NFL, they would be shunned or booed.

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It looks like Luke Cage missed a real opportunity not to expand this clip with Misty Knight also trying out. Considering it’s wildly rumored that the New York Giants will be drafting a quarterback, she could have been the perfect candidate.

To see how Luke Cage handles his newfound football talents, be sure to watch season two on June 22 when it airs on Netflix.