Stranger Things season 3 is officially filming!


Stranger Things is officially a go with the production of the third season underway!

While we have no idea when Stranger Things will return for its third season, we can rest assured knowing filming has officially begun!

Joining the cast this season is Cary Elwes, who took to Twitter to post a picture with Joe Keery celebrating the start of season three production.

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Who else is totally freaking out over this?! Because we so are. Every season of Stranger Things steps up the story, the plot twists, and with it new, badass characters. And it feels like season three is set on continuing this trend.

Elwes is one of three new characters joining the third season of Stranger Things. Deadline confirmed this news about a week ago and stated that he will be playing a character named Larry Kline, mayor of Hawkins.

His character’s description doesn’t sound all that pleasant as he is labeled as “sleazy” and “slick” and is a mayor who cares more about himself, than the town he is in charge of. Thanks to Elwes’ post, fans are now speculating if Steve and Mayor Kline will be sharing some scenes together come season three.

In an article by Cinema Blend, they hypothesized how season three could incorporate Elwes’ iconic role in The Princess Bride into season three.

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However, the movie came out in 1987, so the season would have to do a time jump to entertain this theory. But we can hope, right?

Be sure to check back with us regarding more updates on season three of Stranger Things