Watchmen: Damon Lindelof says HBO series won’t be a straight adaptation, mocks Alan Moore


Damon Lindelof is bringing the award-winning comic book series Watchmen to HBO.

As mentioned before here on Show Snob, Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) is running the show here. The comic book, considered by man fans as the best of all-time in the medium, was made into a movie previously by Zack Snyder — a very faithful adaptation that only really changed the ending.

However, when it comes to the Wachmen HBO series, Cinema Blend reported that Lindelof will not be creating a faithful by-the-numbers adaptation of the Alan Moore work. He even mentioned that Moore doesn’t want to see it made at all — but he doesn’t care.

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While some fans might not be happy to hear that the Watchmen HBO series will play loose with the source material, what Lindelof said is actually pretty exciting. He compared his show to Fargo.

For those who have never watched Fargo on FX, the series is an anthology series with each season telling a different story in the world of the Coen Brothers movie of the same name. From his words, it sounds like Lindelof is making the HBO series take place in the world of Watchmen instead of adapting the comic book.

Alan Moore is not amused.

Moore said 10 years ago that he wanted his name removed from the Zack Snyder movie because he didn’t want his creations ruined and his name to still be attached. With that said, Damon Lindelof called out Alan Moore on the podcast Bookish with Sonya Walger for being what he is — a hypocrite.

Lindelof points out that Moore’s characters from Watchmen were basically ripped off from old Charlton Comics. He also pointed out how Moore took characters like Superman and Batman and made stories out of canon, so telling other people he doesn’t want them to do the same with his characters is “hypocrisy.”

As a result, Lindelof believes that he is allowed to defy Alan Moore’s sentiments.

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Interestingly, as we reported last weekend, there was a group of characters that HBO is casting for the series — and none of them sound anything like the characters from the Watchmen comics. Thes comments by Damon Lindelof could explain why.