Is Ryan Murphy creating a new anthology series?


Ryan Murphy, creator of the horror anthology series American Horror story has expressed interest in creating a new anthology series with the #MeToo movement as the inspiration.

Stories have been coming out of Hollywood left and right about sexual abuses of actors at the hands of powerful men over the years. These, until lately, have been dismissed as an unfortunate part of the business.

A TV series addressing the issue could be timely and poignant. The question is — is Ryan Murphy the right person to tactfully give the movement a voice?

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In an interview with The New Yorker, Murphy stated that he might call the series “Consent” and tackle storylines based on the true exploits of Harvey Weinstein, who since the allegations began has lost both his company and standing in Hollywood.

Ryan Murphy also mentioned Kevin Spacey as a potential story resource, which not only involved attempted sexual coercion but the attempt to seduce Anthony Rapp, who at the time was still a child.

After the story was released, more people came forward making it clear that this behavior by Spacey was an open secret in the industry, but it was still a shock to his fans who had followed his career over decades.

With shows like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Glee under his belt, his repertoire is less than subtle and it makes me wonder if he can create a series that honors the victims of abuse without blatantly exploiting what they have gone through. This is definitely a danger when drawing from real life.

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Should the #MeToo movement be left in the hands of documentary filmmakers and those with personal experience, like Jennifer Lawrence; who is making a series on the subject and was also a victim of Harvey Weinstein?

Or is the #MeToo movement fair game in the name of entertainment for the masses? Weigh in below and let us know what you think?