Lauren Cohan’s new series ordered to ABC: What it might mean for Maggie


Will Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) be written out of season 9 of The Walking Dead?

Actress Lauren Cohan will now be pulling double duty as ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier, has officially been ordered to a series. Most of us know Cohan as The Walking Dead’s Maggie Rhee (Greene), the widow, newest leader of the Hilltop Colony, and sole survivor of the Greene family.

On Whiskey Cavalier, Cohan plays a character named Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge, a highly skilled and incredibly clever CIA operative. Being a series, this will take a solid chunk of the actresses time. There’s no telling yet if Whiskey Cavalier will be successful enough to demand further seasons. If it does, however, it definitely begs the question:

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Will Lauren Cohan have to walk away from The Walking Dead?

For now, at least, that may not be the case. As reported by Deadline, Cohan will be back for season 9 of The Walking Dead. The actress stated, “There’s a lot more Maggie story to tell.” Maggie is confirmed to appear in at least the first half of the season.

"The official deal is for Cohan to appear in six episodes from TWD‘s eight-episode fall half-season. If her pilot for Whiskey Cavalier is picked up, that could be the end of Maggie. If the pilot is not picked up, Cohan can work out a deal to return to The Walking Dead full-time after that."

This news will definitely have fans in speculation. How will Cohan’s new show affect her role on The Walking Dead?  Maggie survived “All Out War” against the Saviors and looks to lead the Hilltop toward a brighter, safer future. Will she live to see it?

Maggie has been on the show since Season 2 and has far outlived the majority of the cast. She’s a character that has arguably suffered the worst of losses including her father, sister, and husband. Could Maggie’s story (like so many other characters in TWD) end in tragedy?

Should Lauren Cohan choose to stay, there are certainly ways to keep Maggie alive. There’s the possibility of shooting her scene’s in convenience to Cohan’s availability or even writing her out temporarily by disappearance (see Heath).

However, it’s worth noting that AMC has not allowed its actors to be series regulars on other shows in previous occurrences. This could mean Lauren Cohan will simply drop from a regular to a recurring cast member or the network is planning to write her off the show.

When we last saw Maggie, she was plotting with Daryl and Jesus to show Rick that he was wrong to spare Negan’s life. “Rick was wrong to do what he did,” Maggie said with a determined, vengeful look in her eyes, “Michonne, too. So we’re gonna bide our time, wait for our moment, and then we’re gonna show him.”

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Is this sign of a new villain Maggie? Will we really see The Walking Dead Civil War? I still don’t think so (although I think it’d be great T.V.!), but if this is the case, then it probably isn’t going to end well for the leader of the Hilltop.

Time will definitely tell.  When Season 9 of The Walking Dead rolls around in October, we’ll all be on the edge of our seats, nervously watching to find out if Maggie makes it out alive.