The Rain season 1 finale recap: ‘Trust Your Instincts’


We’ve made it to the season finale of The Rain!

At the end of episode seven, the survivors were speeding towards Apollon headquarters with a supposedly immune Rasmus.

The survivors are still driving when The Rain, episode eight, “Trust Your Instincts,” begins. Simone is remembering that when the viral rain started her father told her she needed to protect Rasmus because he could be the key to everything.

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As they approach Apollon headquarters someone radios the driver to tell him to bring the “subject” to them.

When they arrive, Martin, Lea, and Patrick are taken to another bunker. Meanwhile, there’s someone there who wants to see Simone and Rasmus—their father, Frederik.

The reunion isn’t exactly joyous. Rasmus hangs back, while Simone cries and hits Frederik. Then Rasmus collapses.

A group of medical professionals rushes to him with a gurney. Frederik orders them around. Simone wants to know what’s going on, but her father tells her to wait in one area while he follows Rasmus in the opposite direction.

Simone remembers caring for Rasmus in the bunker after their mother died. He wouldn’t listen to her one night and she got angry. She told him she didn’t ask to be the grown-up but that’s just how it is. At the time, they were both grieving and struggling with their new circumstances.


In the present, Simone’s father comes to see her. He tells her Rasmus is fine but wants to know if he’s been taking a lot of morphine. When Simone doesn’t answer, Frederik assures her that she did a good job taking care of Rasmus. Simone counters that he has no idea how they’ve been, Frederik wasn’t there. Why didn’t he come for them? They waited.

In the Apollon headquarters bunker, Lea finds a familiar coat. Jean is in the bunker with them and he’s fine! Patrick and Martin apologize to Jean for leaving him behind with the Strangers. As far as Jean is concerned, all is forgiven.

A woman comes in with nutritional supplements, but Martin, Lea, and Patrick are skeptical. They tell the woman they will only take the supplements if she will too. She protests that she already took hers. And Jean adds that he took the supplements when he got there. But when the trio still refuses, the woman downs the pills. Now convinced they’re safe, the trio takes them too.

Simone’s father takes her to Rasmus. He’s sleeping. Frederik explains that Rasmus was the first to get the virus in its purest form, so it’s a part of him. He carries the cure.

If that’s true, Simone can’t understand why her father didn’t come to get them. But her father tells her it’s complicated and won’t say more. He claims he was trying to protect them then and he’s doing the same now.

In a flashback, we see Simone’s father in the original bunker in a hazmat suit. It’s right after the viral rain started. Both Simone and Rasmus are sleeping. He checks on them but doesn’t wake them. Outside, he puts caution tape over the bunker’s entrance and tells a companion that everyone inside is dead.

In the present, Rasmus wakes up. A doctor tells him she wants to take a cheek swap but he refuses. Rasmus struggles and calls for his dad. He bites the doctor, drawing blood.

Simone is alone in a bedroom. She uses a tablet on the wall to contact Martin in the bunker. She tells him she just can’t get over how many people her father killed. Was it really a good idea to go to Apollon?

Simone’s father knocks on her door. He takes her to a deserted area in the building and tells her they shouldn’t have come. They need to get out. The cure for the virus is in Rasmus but it’s not easy to get at. It’s in his brain and his bone marrow. Apollon will have to kill him to get it. That’s why Frederik didn’t come to get Simone and Rasmus years ago and why he’s been searching for an alternative cure.

But Simone still doesn’t understand how Frederik could kill all those people. Her father explains that she and Rasmus are his children, that’s why he did it. And that’s why they have to leave. He tells her he’ll go get Rasmus and meet her.

In a flashback, Frederik is working as a co-researcher wonders aloud how he can just keep up his research. Why isn’t Frederik mourning? He lost his whole family after all. Then the co-researcher starts to put two and two together. Rasmus couldn’t die from the virus. So is he really gone?

Frederik protests that the virus Rasmus carried was a beta version. But the co-researcher points out that the viruses were practically identical. He gets Simone’s father to admit that Rasmus is still alive. Simone’s father doesn’t want to go after Rasmus, but his co-researcher is resolved—Rasmus could fix the whole problem, even if they have to kill him to do it. The co-researcher leaves the lab. Frederik follows and beats him to death.

In the present, Frederik gets to Rasmus just as the doctor Rasmus bit earlier dies from the virus. Both Frederik and Rasmus are shocked. What happened?

Frederik takes a cheek swap from Rasmus and looks at it under a microscope. He’s flabbergasted. Rasmus asks him for help but Frederik tells him he’s not sure he can. He then initiates a lockdown.

Frederik speaks to his boss, Sten, over a video call. He explains that the virus has mutated. Rasmus now makes others ill without getting sick himself. He’ll kill everyone.

Sten wants Rasmus kept in quarantine until they can operate on him and run tests. Frederik objects but Sten cautions that if Rasmus has become contagious there are no other options.

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Simone is listening from the doorway. She asks her father to save Rasmus but he says there isn’t anything he can do. Simone tells him she’ll just have to save Rasmus on her own.

Simone calls Martin at the bunker. Martin, Lea, Jean, and Patrick are locked in. Simone tells them to block the air vents to free themselves.

Simone discovers a trail of bodies leading to a panicked Rasmus. When he tries to approach her, Simone backs away. Rasmus says he wants the virus out of his body. Simone gets him to put on a gas mask for the time being.

Simone and Rasmus meet the rest of the group at the bunker and they go to the garage to find a vehicle. But Frederik stops them.

He tries to talk them out of leaving. When they proceed anyway, Frederik aims a gun at Rasmus. Martin steps in front of Rasmus, and Martin and Frederik exchange words. Martin doesn’t believe Frederik is going to shoot anyone. But when Martin tries to pass, Frederik shoots him in the shoulder.

Martin drops and Frederik has Rasmus at gunpoint again. Rasmus protests that he doesn’t understand. His father apologizes but says he can’t let Rasmus out. Simone tackles her father as the gun goes off, missing Rasmus.

Patrick drives up in a truck and the survivors run to it. Simone drags Martin with her. And Lea kicks Frederik in the head on her way out.

They speed away, heading towards the wall that leads outside the quarantine zone. The wall is guarded by several men. Simone radios to tell them to let their truck through or they’ll run them over. The man on the other end of the walkie-talkie says he’ll kill them first. But Simone retorts that they can’t, not while the survivors have Rasmus.

Simone exits the truck and confronts the leader, who happens to be the same man who was the leader of the Strangers who discovered Rasmus’s immunity. He tells Simone he just wants to see his family again.

Then he sees the backs of the other survivors’ necks. He asks if they took any pills recently. When they acknowledge they did, he tells them none of them are getting out of there. The supplements Martin, Jean, Lea, and Patrick took were actually capsules that hold a latent form of the virus. The capsules will be triggered if they ever leave the quarantine zone.

Simone and Rasmus are the only ones who can safely make it to the other side of the wall. Martin encourages Simone to go. Patrick holds a syringe of the virus to the leader’s neck and demands the other soldiers let Simone and Rasmus through.

Simone gets in the truck but can’t bring herself to leave. She makes Martin, Jean, Patrick, and Lea get back inside. They make a u-turn and drive off.

As the episode ends, Sten, the Apollon boss, is having a meeting in a creepy, underground lair. He gets a call. He instructs the person on the line to detain Simone’s father and explore other mutations of the virus.

When he hangs up, one of the attendees asks for confirmation that Apollon has figured out a way to weaponize the virus. Sten explains they’ve figured out “a way to control the world with the most dangerous disease it has ever known”—they just need Rasmus. Dun dun DUNH!

So it seems we’ll only get some answers as the first season of The Rain comes to a close. We have confirmation of a few things we expected: Frederik and Apollon were responsible for the viral rain, Rasmus is immune to the virus and can be used to create a cure.

But there are still many open questions: When did Rasmus become contagious? Was it when he injected himself with more of the virus in the previous episode? Or did it happen for another reason? Is he responsible for Beatrice’s death?

Could Simone, Martin, and Lea all stand in the rain in episode six because the rain hadn’t been deadly other than the very first time six years ago that Apollon used its “cloud-seeding” technology?

And if Frederik has killed literally thousands, if not millions, of people pursuing a cure other than the one in Rasmus, how could he swing so quickly from trying to protect his son to trying to kill him?

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No word from Netflix yet on whether we’ll see The Rain, season 2. But clearly, the filmmakers were confident they would get one, given how many unanswered questions they’ve left us with.

What did you think of the season finale of The Rain? Do you feel satisfied with the answers we got? What would you like to see in The Rain, season 2? Fill us in in the comments. And if you haven’t already, you can stream The Rain, season 1 on Netflix.