The Walking Dead: Did ABC just ensure that Maggie dies in Season 9?


While The Walking Dead was heading to the explosive end of the All-Out War, there was too much talk about the actors on the series.

Specifically, there was a lot of concern that Lauren Cohan was going to leave the show, putting the fate of Maggie Walsh in danger. Cohan was trying to get a raise in pay to get closer to the lead male actors on the show and it wasn’t looking good.

By the time the season ended, things finally improved between the two sides and Cohan signed on to return for The Walking Dead season 9, albeit for a limited number of episodes.

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The reason for the limited episodes is that Cohan also starred in a pilot that ABC was considering picking up.

In terrible news for fans of The Walking Dead, that pilot — Whiskey Cavalier — was picked up by ABC and ordered for a season.

This means that, unless Cohan backs out of that new series, there won’t be much chance left of Maggie continuing to be a major player on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead has started filming its ninth season, and if this Whiskey Cavalier news means what it appears that it does, the show might need to find a way to write Maggie out of the series.

While Maggie plays a major role in the comics to this day, so does Carl Grimes, and the TV series proved they don’t care about that when they killed him.

According to VarietyWhiskey Cavalier is an “hour-long action dramedy that follows the adventures of tough but tender FBI super-agent Will Chase.”

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He ends up working with a CIA operative played by Cohan and leads a team of spies who save the world. It sounds a ton less stressful and tragic than The Walking Dead, and maybe after eight seasons, that is what Cohan needs.