Stephen King and Joe Hill novella getting Netflix treatment


Stephen King is hot again, with a lot of his stories returning to TV and theaters alike.

It seemed like King disappeared for awhile when it came to adaptations, but now they are coming fast and steady once again. There is not one, and not two but three Stephen King stories coming to the small screen in the near future.

We already spoke at length about the much-anticipated Castle Rock, that hits Hulu this summer. More recently, CBS All Access (the home of Star Trek Discovery) announced that they were adapting the King masterpiece The Stand, which was last made as an ABC mini-series in the ’90s.

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Add in the success of the It remake, the lesser outing of The Dark Tower, and news of an upcoming adaptation of Pet Sematary and fans are rediscovering the Master of Horror once again. Now, on top of the second season of Mr. Mercedes, add in the news that a new Netflix original titled In the Tall Grass is coming.

In the Tall Grass was a collaboration between Stephen King and his very talented son Joe Hill. The story was originally published back in 2012 in Esquire magazine and then got an ebook release later that year.

The story follows twin brother and sister Cal and Becky, who are on a cross-country road trip. The two end up stopping at various tourist stops along the way but then stop at a tall field of grass when they hear a young boy screaming for help. When they enter the tall grass to find him, and what they find is the thing of King nightmares.

This is good news for Joe Hill, who recently learned that Hulu passed on adapting his amazing comic book series Locke & Key (the second time this has happened). On the brighter side, AMC is looking to bring his novel NOS4A2 to life as a TV series.

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For Stephen King, In the Tall Grass will join Gerald’s Game and 1922 as Netflix original adaptations. Deadline reports that Vincenzo Natali (Cube and Splice) is in talks to direct and James Marsden is in talks to star in the film.