Colony season 3 ep 3 Sierra Maestra recap


On the latest episode of Colony, the various members of the Resistance try to find their place as they encounter fellow Resisters. They also learn that the Occupancy might not be what they thought.

Colony reveals the backstory of Broussard’s new comrade Amy (Peyton List) is revealed. Before the occupation, Amy was an ER doctor. A member of the Resistance sustained a nasty head wound and Amy agreed to help, making that her first act as a resister.

The two meet up with other Resistance groups but run into trouble when trying to raid a pharmacy. Amy and Broussard survive, but others do not. The two later observe an alien facility that is, to say the least odd.

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The episode leaves the two of them alone again and trying to inform other members of the Resistance of what they saw.

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The Bowman family meanwhile, tries to learn more information both about their Resistance camp and their foes from another World.

Both Will (Josh Holloway )and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) find it hard to get any information on either.

Slowly, a sense of paranoia seems to make its way through all the Bowman group adults, with Snyder (Peter Jacobson) being the most paranoid out of all three. Eventually, a captured bit of enemy technology gives them the chance to learn more about what is going on.

The Bowmans along with Resistance camp leader Alexander McGregor (Graham McTavish) find out what the Occupancy might be about. Another force is on its way to Earth and it’s hostile. It wants to use humans as labor. The Occupancy’s goal is to protect humans, as what’s coming is their enemy as well. Meaning humans and the Occupancy have a shared enemy coming towards Earth.

One phrase seems to sum up where the Bowman family and others find themselves on this episode; out of the frying pan and into the fire.

But Will definitely seems to have a harder time fitting in than Katie. McGregor promises her an equal seat at the Resistance table of authority. This is due to the information they were able to bring, which included unlocking the unit that revealed the Occupancy plans. Odds are this will cause conflict between the couple later on.

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For people who have lived as a unit and functioned together on their own in the wild, having to live by other people’s rules isn’t exactly appealing. In the word’s of Mel Gibson’s The Patriot, the Bowmans have no desire to trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mine away. The Resistance and the authority whom they’re rebelling against might not be as different as they seem. Today’s revolution can easily turn into tomorrow’s autocracy. Time will tell how the Resistance will fare later on.