Colony season 3 episode 4 recap: ‘Hospitium’


After Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Will (Josh Holloway) get the news that another force may be on its way, they immediate butt heads with Andrew MacGregor (Graham McTavish) in Colony.

MacGregor has no interest whatsoever in taking the warning seriously. It is revealed that before the occupation took place, MacGregor had a history of paranoia and seeing conspiracy theories, whether there or not.

In a secret aside, Snyder (Peter Jacobson) confirms to the Bowman’s that the captured alien technology was telling the truth. The reason the for the occupation occurred was to put humans to work building a defense system for Earth.

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Snyder also warns them about MacGregor personally in Colony. Snyder’s concern is well founded, as MacGregor falsely claims to the Resistance camp that the captured unit told nothing but lies.

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Later at camp, the Bowman’s witness men loading fertilizers and detonators. This is part of MacGregor’s plan to send a bomb to Seattle. His goal is to make a statement, regardless of what happens to the humans in the colony.

His Lieutenant Vincent (Waleed Zuaiter) appears to side with the Bowman’s over MacGregor. But later on after their plan to destroy the bomb doesn’t go as planned, Vincent folds to MacGregor. Kate, Will, and Snyder are all escorted away by MacGregor’s men.

At the same time, Broussard (Tory Kittles) and Amy (Peyton List) make their way to San Francisco. They find a man who has coordinates to the Resistance camp. While he isn’t sure if he should help them without MacGregor’s permission, he eventually gives over the coordinates. Right after he does this, he is attacked by humans outfitted for a fight and is killed.

But Amy and Broussard manage to get away. The event does make Broussard question his trust in Amy and causes a strain in their partnership. Broussard eventually apologies to her. The two find the same Resistance camp the Bowman’s were at, but it is now completely deserted.

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This episode of Colony brings to mind the saying “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.” Vincent knows his boss’ flaws but he remains with him because his leadership is what he knows and is used to. At this point, Katie and Will have much more to fear from their fellow Resistance members than any foreign invaders. Even the current occupies fall under this, because Earth knows about them, but are completely in the dark about a new hostile enemy.