Could Superman be in the Arrowverse crossover event?


Stephen Amell spoke about the Arrowverse and what he wants to see next season at Motor City Comic Con.

The Arrowverse has become a staple of The CW, and the network is constantly trying to find more aspects of DC Comics to incorporate in their shows. ComicBook was able to get some of Amell’s quotes at a convention where he discussed what he’d like to see in the fall.

His number one wish is for Tyler Hoechlin to reprise his role as Superman and fly over to Star City. In last year’s Arrowverse crossover, it was revealed Oliver had managed to get his hands on some kryptonite. This certainly opened the door for a possibility of a Clark Kent introduction since the infamous hero has tried to keep kryptonite from falling into anyone’s hands.

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"“I thought that Tyler did a great job, and I had an opportunity to fangirl over [Smallville star] Tom Welling. I would love for Oliver and Clark to eventually meet. I think that would be incredible.”"

Of course, Superman doesn’t technically exist on Earth-One, which means he would need a good reason to come from Supergirl‘s universe. The other problem is whether Warner Brothers would allow the character to make another Arrowverse appearance. For the time being, it seems like they won’t have any more reprisals from Superman or Deathstroke during their cinematic run.

Arrow fans can get excited though because Amell did confirm he will grow out a goatee. Viewers familiar with the Green Arrow in the comics know he’s sported a notorious goatee since his introduction. However, Amell cautioned fans to keep their hopes down because the facial hair probably won’t be permanent.

"“I can’t promise that I’m going to keep [the goatee] forever. I can definitely promise that I’m not going to wear the stupid hat.”"

The rest of the Arrowverse can expect Oliver to appear in a different costume in their next crossover though. His identity has officially been revealed to the public, therefore he doesn’t really need a hood anymore.

"“We’ve actually been thinking a lot, assuming that Ollie gets out of prison if he suits back up as the Green Arrow, what does that costume look like? Because there’s no more secret identity. That cat is out of the bag. Not that it was that secret before, but we will see.”"

It seems inevitable for Oliver to eventually become the Green Arrow again considering the show has been renewed. Yet, with Colton Haynes returning as Roy Harper, it’s possible someone else will take over for a while. Arrow might have to design a new costume for Amell and one for Haynes, with each one containing nods to the original suit.

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With the recent additions of Batwoman and Gotham City to the Arrowverse, fans can expect some big things for next season. Adding Superman into the mix will only reaffirm Warner Brothers’ dedication to the popular universe created on The CW.

Who else would you like to see appear in the Arrowverse? Sound off in the comments with your wishes for next season.