13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘The Third Polaroid’


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from 13 Reasons Why’s second season.

Here’s our recap of the seventh episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Hannah and Clay did drugs together, at least one time.
The episode starts with a colorful, kaleidoscope-like cartoon with Clay and Hannah discussing life, the meaning behind it, from infinity and beyond. They’re clearly on drugs. But is this real? It turns out it is.

During Clay’s testimony, he admits they did molly together once at a party with Jeff Adkins, his girlfriend, Alex, and Sheri. But at this point, it could have been more. We thought we knew the story, but Hannah left out so much from her tapes.

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The next morning, when the six were at Monet’s Cafe, they all comment on their bad mood. However, Hannah commented about being depressed and asked the others if they ever thought about dying. She looked at Clay with tears in her eyes. This was her cry for help, and he did nothing. Of course, bitchy defense attorney prayed on this and destroyed Clay during his testimony. There’s a special place in hell for this woman and the school district, I swear.

2. Jeff Adkins returns.
Well, he’s not ghost Jeff or anything, but he appears in flashbacks of 13 Reasons Why. The school raised his baseball jersey as a memorial to him in present time. But we find out that it was his idea for Clay to do molly with Hannah. He thinks the drug could bring them closer together.

3. Clay gets another Polaroid.
After Alex’s birthday party (which we’ll get to in a minute), Clay finds yet another Polaroid on his windshield. The photo is of a guy and girl having sex, but we’ve never seen the guy before. Could it be Mark Perry? The back of the Polaroid reads: “The Clubhouse.”

4. Clay takes action by demanding justice.
He couldn’t help her on the stand, but he’s going to do something now. Ghost Hannah claims she never wanted revenge on the people that she blames for her death. Her goal with the tapes was to tell her story so what happened to her never happened again. Clay argues with her. He couldn’t help her before, be he’s going to help her now. He releases the tapes online anonymously. The post included the hashtag #Justice4Hannah.

5. Skye has a full voicemail box.
Clay can’t stop/won’t stop calling Skye to fill her in on what’s happening in his life. Doesn’t he understand she has her own stuff to handle and figure out without taking on his drama, too? I’m not sold that he loves her; I think he uses it as a form of therapy. But dude, see a professional. He’s spiraling and I’m worried for him.

6. Clay’s heart-to-heart with his dad.
I’m in my 30s, and even though I don’t have kids, I find myself feeling something deeper for the parents in movies and TV shows more so than the kids. So, when Clay’s dad asks him why he felt the need to keep the molly incident from him, I felt so sorry for him. I feel sorry for the Bakers. I can’t remember why I kept things from my parents. Maybe because I forgot they were there before me and may have experienced the same thing. If any of these kids in the show would have just opened up to their parents, maybe things would be different.

7. The Bakers call it quits.
Olivia isn’t exactly into the idea of divorce. After sharing a passionate, yet sad kiss at Hannah’s grave, they grab dinner. Some friendly conversation ensues, but Mr. Baker asks Olivia to finalize their divorce. She asks him if it’s because he wants to marry Valerie, his girlfriend, but he says it’s so he can close the door on his past. Ouch.

8. Marcus rolls with the punches.
During the last episode, Tyler and Cyrus hacked into Zach’s phone and found a video of Marcus getting a lap dance from a stripper in the clubhouse. They release it to the entire school. When Marcus asks Bryce for help, he smugly refused to get involved. Some friend! At the pep rally, Marcus decides to dress in a cheerleader’s uniform to distract everyone from the situation. Tyler is furious.

9. Alex calls Bryce out.
And honestly, I’m here for it. Jess, Zach, and Clay create a “Happy birthday Alex” banner and hang it up at school. When Bryce and his goons see it, they, of course, make fun of him. Alex loses it and screams, “F*** you, you f***ing rapist!” in the middle of the hallway, in front of a bunch of students, including Zach and Jess. I’m sure it felt great to get that out. However, the outburst horrifies Zach and Jess. Alex poked the beast.

10. Bryce borderline rapes his girlfriend.
We saw yet another disturbing sex scene from Bryce in 13 Reasons Why. After Chloe repeatedly saying no to sex, he forces her to do it anyway. Sure, it wasn’t as violent as some of his other rapes, but this one wasn’t easier to watch. The sad thing is I don’t know if Chloe realizes what just happened to her. I hope she gets away from him soon.

11. Jessica suffers another flashback.
While shopping with Nina and her boyfriend, Jess has a flashback of her rape in the dressing room, and Nina helps her through it. Something as simple as trying on clothes could trigger a flashback, proving that it doesn’t only happen when the person is intimate with someone. I’m glad she has Nina.

12. Alex’s birthday party is your typical nightmare.
The party takes place at a teenage version of Chucky Cheese. In attendance are Alex’s parents, brother, Zach, Jess, and Clay. No one wants to be there, but they try their best to act like they’re having fun. When Tyler shows up, after being invited by Alex and his dad, Jess and Zach kick him out.

Alex also has another outburst; in which he screams that he’s broken. Jess screams back him that he’s asshole for wanting to leave her. I’m not sure if that’s the best thing to say to someone who tried to commit suicide. I know she’s going through her own issues in 13 Reasons Why, but I’m not on board with Jess making it all about her.

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13. Tyler plans the next prank.
After being kicked out of Alex’s party, Tyler tells Cyrus his next prank will be bigger than ever, and it will be on Zach. I have a feeling something will go wrong, and I’m definitely worried about Zach.

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