13 Reasons Why season 3 finale: Who killed Bryce Walker?

Photo: 13 Reasons Why: Season 3.. Credit: David Moir/Netflix
Photo: 13 Reasons Why: Season 3.. Credit: David Moir/Netflix /

13 Reasons Why reveals who killed Bryce Walker in the season 3 finale.

Warning: Spoilers for the third season of 13 Reasons Why below!

Who killed Bryce Walker? The question was the central mystery this season as fingers were pointed at almost every main character. Since the beginning of the series, Bryce has always been an antagonist who managed to get away with almost everything. His status and wealth were comfortable shields against allegations and after season 2, his death definitely wasn’t one fans would be losing sleep over.

So who did it? Miles Heizer’s Alex Standall was the one who actually committed the murder but there were a few others involved in Bryce’s death. Zach brutally attacked Bryce and left him alone at the pier. Luckily, Jessica came to the docks after Bryce had requested to meet her. She wasn’t actually interested in helping him but wanted to retrieve whatever it was that he had to give her.

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13 Reasons Why seems dedicated to continuing the legacy of Hannah’s tapes, which is why Bryce has recorded a confession to hand over to Jess. She’s shocked, especially because he claims it owns up to everything he’s ever done and he would like her to play it for Mrs. Baker. Better late than never, I guess? However, Bryce has done some truly awful things and Jess isn’t going to believe that he’s truly turning over a new leaf after watching the capacity for pain that he can cause.

With that in mind, Jess wants to leave him to die on the pier despite Alex’s better judgment. Her reasoning is that bringing him to a hospital would lead to Zach’s arrest but Alex counters that Zach would also go to jail if Bryce dies on the pier anyways. Despite his rationale, Jess goes to walk away anyways and Alex goes to help Bryce even though he truly abhors him. Nevertheless, he has a change of heart once Bryce starts talking about his desire to destroy Zach. Realizing that he’ll never change, Alex pushes Bryce into the water after telling him, “You’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever loved.”

Both Jess and Alex watch him drown before agreeing to part ways so that no one suspects what they did. So technically Alex is the one who pushed him in but Jess and Zach could both find themselves in trouble next season.

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However, 13 Reasons Why wraps things up this season keeping the three of them safe. Ani concocted a whole story which made Monty out to be the murderer. Since Monty died in prison, he isn’t able to defend himself. Alex’s father knows it’s not the truth but he’s more interested in protecting his son. He burns Alex’s clothes and goes along with the story which probably isn’t the best decision by a police officer.

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