13 Reasons Why: Final season 3 trailer wants to know who killed Bryce Walker

Photo: 13 Reasons Why: Season 3.. Credit: David Moir/Netflix
Photo: 13 Reasons Why: Season 3.. Credit: David Moir/Netflix /

The final trailer for 13 Reasons Why season 3 asks one question: Who killed Bryce Walker?

Netflix’s controversial YA series, 13 Reasons Why, returns this month with another mystery to solve. The show has long surprassed Hannah Baker’s tapes and now moved into a new territory involving the murder of Bryce Walker. While the town and Bryce’s family want answers, the kids at the high school aren’t exactly heartbroken over the death of the former golden boy.

It was previously announced the series would end after season 4 and undoubtedly Netflix is looking to course-correct after a rocky season 2. However, watching the trailer there’s something a bit underwhelming about the mystery. As viewers, we already know Bryce and the fact that he’s a pretty terrible person. Is there anyone watching who isn’t happy or at least ambivalent that his character is off the show? The first seasons of Riverdale and Veronica Mars succeeded because Jason Blossom and Lily Kane were mysteries to the audience since they were already dead at the start of the show.

Nevertheless, 13 Reasons Why seems to want to make Bryce’s death about all of the suspects involved with the case. We get to see a bit of everyone and just how they deserve our suspicions.

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Clay Jensen

Dylan Minnette’s charming lead is the number one suspect according to the police which probably means he didn’t do it. In the trailer he blatantly admits to being happy that Bryce died but he also seems to know a little more than he’s letting on. Bryce’s mom accuses him of such but that doesn’t stop the police from arresting him. His mother is horrified about the situation her son is in and Clay is adamant he wasn’t involved.

Justin Foley

As per usual, Brandon Flynn’s Justin finds himself in the center of trouble. It’s unclear from the trailer if the Jensens followed through with adopting him and what his current situation is. Nevertheless, it does appear like he’s back together or at least spending more time with Jessica. He also yells at Clay that he “doesn’t know the full story” and can be spotted purchasing a gun in an alleyway. Not exactly screaming “innocent” with some of those scenes!

Jessica Davis

As new classmate Ani points out, the person most effected by Bryce is Alisha Boe’s Jessica. While I  personally found the ending of Jessica’s season 2 arc to be horrendous, I don’t think she’s the one who murdered Bryce. 13 Reasons Why told a bleak narrative about going through the legal system for justice would result in a loss but having her become a murderer for vengeance seems a bit too far for the series to go.

Alex Standall

While Miles Heizer’s Alex pops up quite a bit in the trailer, we don’t actually get to see all that much of what he’s doing. It’s possible he killed Bryce as a way to get justice for Hannah and Jessica but it doesn’t exactly seem like Alex’s style.

Tyler Down

It’s pointed out in the trailer that Devin Druid’s Tyler has had a gun since the first season and is capable of murdering Bryce. However, it seems more likely that his storyline will involve the trauma of being raped and the fear of the sadistic bullies who did it.

Montgomery de la Cruz

Timothy Granaderos was upped to a series regular for this season and he’s heavily featured in the trailer. Considering Montgomery is shown to be a cruel and sadistic bully, we wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being the murderer. He’s been hopelessly loyal to Bryce throughout the series but things might have taken a turn when Bryce didn’t seem interested in resuming their usual friendship. Based in the scenes we get to see, he’s most likely going to terrorize Tyler and Clay as the investigation continues.

Tony, Zach, and Chloe

Well, we know that Anne Winters’ Chloe is pregnant and it’s Bryce’s baby. Could it be possible she killed him to prevent her child from having an abusive father? Ross Butler’s Zach admits to hating Bryce but not wanting him dead in the trailer but there’s some tension in the locker room. Finally, Christian Navarro’s Tony seems to know more than everyone else (as per usual). He even offers to give Clay a fake alibi to which Clay calls him out about not even having a solid story for that night.

Ani Achola

Finally, we get to see a lot of Grace Saif’s Ani in the trailer and this is her first season on 13 Reasons Why! We don’t know much about her history other than she had a criminal past and has gotten close to Clay. However, she’s pointing fingers left and right in the trailer so that immediately makes her a suspect.

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Season 3 debuts on Netflix on August 23.

What did you think of the final trailer for 13 Reasons Why? Who do you think did it? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline