Brockmire a hit: renewed for 3rd/4th season


Brockmire is finding his groove in New Orleans but being pulled towards Atlanta and the allure of the Major League microphone.

With Jules in the Big Easy, the decisions are getting tougher. The decision to renew Brockmire for a third and fourth season was easy for IFC. Brockmire is their rating leader and gradually finding an audience that appreciates the nuances of affable alcoholism.

Brockmire will now run on IFC through 2020. The actors are having just as much fun making the show as fans have watched it. Hank Azaria said: “This show is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Period. I love shooting it, I love editing it, and I love how much people are enjoying it.”

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Jim Brockmire is America’s most beloved vulgar baseball broadcaster. His antics describing life around the game during the game are more entertaining than a 4 hit 1 run day game on an early summer Tuesday. His debauchery keeps him in trouble more than employed in a broadcast booth. However, his talents are undeniable, and he has always one more chance to make good on his Major League potential.

Perhaps the game has passed him by though? People love Raj. The game is narrated differently now, and minor league gimmicks disparage Brockmire’s talent. Besides, Brockmire is clearing 200 large with his world-renowned podcast. With his new enterprise, he could travel and be with Jules anywhere she decided to own a spartan minor league team. Brockmire could settle down and be content with life.

Except Jules is just as wild as Brockmire at heart. When it comes to matching drinks and keeping up with Brockmire’s shenanigans, Jules is the only person capable. Sorry, Uribe. There will always be that one special mound visit.

Her decision to stay or go will drive the second season and perhaps extend to the third. Will Jules be relegated to being second place to baseball in Brockmire’s heart? Even if she must serve as the woman Brockmire twice scorned, and not be adored like Molly Malone, Amanda Pete will always be loved by fans. The chemistry between Pete and Azaria is wonderful.

Charles is a podcast media mogul making 6 figures a year. He has eclipsed his family’s expectations and their tax bracket. As a drop out Charles is on his way to owning a lucrative media empire. Perhaps Raj has his own podcast in season 3. Joe Buck and Marc Maron would have joined, but Brockmire declared intentions for a mutiny.

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As season 2 of Brockmire is taking shape, fans can look forward to a couple more seasons of fun. Every episode can now be examined for clues or new plot threads. This new mysterious lady in the nameless NOLA shanty-bar may be more than just a couple of episodes of adventure.

Brockmire airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on IFC.