‘Resident Alien’ adaptation gets pilot order from SYFY


SYFY channel has ordered a new series based on the Dark Horse comic book series Resident Alien!

Tapping the comic book market for the big and little screen has become big business in the last few years, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. SYFY’s latest acquisition, Resident Alien, is a more comedic take on The Day the Earth Stood Still‘s concept. Harry, an alien who crash lands in Colorado, must go undercover as an earth doctor while deciding if us flawed earthlings deserve our continued existence.

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Family guy‘s producer, Chris Sheridan will be adapting the Dark Horse comedy for television. He will be executive producing along with Mike Richardson from Dark Horse entertainment and execs from Amblin TV, per Deadline Hollywood.

This will be the first toe in a possible partnership between Dark Horse and SYFY, to potentially create multiple series based upon Dark Horse’s library of content.

This collaboration could mean scads of new fans who follow Dark Horse’s media, myself included, flocking to SYFY; vastly improving the network’s hit and miss content history.

In addition to Resident Alien, SYFY has some other potential ratings heavy hitters in the works. Included is the much-anticipated Nightfliers, by renowned writer George R.R. Martin, Hyperion by Hugo award winner Dan Simmons and Stranger in a Strange Land by iconic science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. To top it off they have also announced they will be remaking Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World.

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The competition is tough these days, in what’s shaping up to be a golden age of sci-fi television, but with the right showrunners, writers and directors on board, SYFY channel may be the flagship to follow in the future for quality science fiction and fantasy programming.

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