Freaks and Geeks actor talks about show’s revival hopes


In a world of reboots, Freaks and Geeks has the common sense to deny fans the inevitable disappointment of a reunion series.

When asked at The Wrap’s Emmy Panel about a possible Freaks and Geeks revival, Cinema Bland reports that Martin Starr immediately shot down hopes and fears alike.

"“Definitely no way in hell… I don’t think you’d be happy! I’m going to try and talk you out of it. You wouldn’t enjoy it if it happened. Just imagine, we’re a bunch of ugly old people now.”"

And while the series enjoys a strong cult following and fans have been campaigning for a revival, Starr is probably right that the show would lose its relevance and relatability with an updated version.

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He points out that what made Freaks and Geeks work was the fact that they were awkward kids that viewers could look back on and relate to — which is very much not the case now.

Freaks and Geeks is another of those tragic one-season shows that enjoys a faithful cult following after its fateful cancellation. The series starred some awkward youths that would one day become some of the biggest stars in Hollywood — actors like Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco, Busy Phillips, and of course the crusher of dreams Martin Starr.

It was created by Paul Feig who went on to direct some of the hottest female lead comedies in recent times – movies like The Heat, Ghostbusters, and Spy.

Sadly, NBC canceled it before the first season had even finished airing. Aside from any creative objections, it would be a logistical nightmare to schedule so many high profile people to get a revival made in the first place.

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While Starr may have dashed some fans’ hopes, he was sure to mention his appreciation and even offered to organize a fan fiction table reading.

"“We’ll get a reading together for you no problem! Let’s do a fan fiction episode 19.”"