Smallville actor talks spinoff possibility and potential Arrow appearance


Justin Hartley recently spoke about the different planned Smallville spinoffs and a potential Arrow appearance.

Before Hartley became one of the stars from This Is Us, he was once a beloved superhero on The CW. While Stephen Amell is now suiting up as the Green Arrow, Hartley made the first live-action appearance as the archer. His version of the hero on Smallville became so popular he was made a series regular in the eighth season.

In a recent chat with former Smallville costar, Michael Rosenbaum, the two discussed the planned spin-offs of the beloved series. Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum has also featured Superman himself, Tom Welling, which makes it seem like a majority of the cast could be interested in a reunion special.

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"While I was on the show, while I was on Smallville, there were several different spinoff ideas that they had. They wanted to do a spinoff called Metropolis or something like that, I heard whispers of that. It was Lois and Oliver in Metropolis and whatever that was. They were trying to extend the life of the show."

Based on Hartley’s comments, this spinoff seems very close to one of the current DC Universe projects. A new series named Metropolis was originally commissioned to focus on Lex and Lois. Considering Arrow is still on the air, it would probably be impossible now to create a show centered on his antics in Metropolis.

In the same interview, Hartley also spoke about a possible appearance on Arrow. While he won’t be able to suit up as the green archer, he is interested in stopping by.

"“If it was the right part, yeah…I love interesting characters. Yeah, if it was something that I could get excited about, yeah, of course.”"

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Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t hold out hope for the Smallville actor to show up anytime soon. His hit show, This Is Us, films around the same time as Arrow and in different countries. However, it’s still fun to imagine the two Oliver Queen’s eventually facing off onscreen.

Would you be interested in seeing the Smallville cast reunite? Hopefully, The CW can stage a reunion within the Arrowverse!