Original Teen Titans actress says season six might happen


Tara Strong took to Twitter to give fans of the original Teen Titans series hope for another season.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies hits theaters this July and Strong is giving fans a compelling reason to buy tickets. The actress confirmed via Twitter that a sixth season of both the original series and Teen Titans Go! could happen at the same time as long as the movie does well.


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Viewers might recognize Strong’s voice from both incarnations of Teen Titans as one of the primary team members, Raven. She’s had a long history of doing voice work for DC animation, where she’s also performed as Batgirl, Elasti-girl, and one of the Wonder Twins.

However, fans were quick to accuse her of making a false promise to boost ticket sales. Her costar, Hynden Walch also chimed in to confirm the reports of a potential season six. Like Strong, Walch has been in both versions of Teen Titans as the voice of Starfire.

Considering both claimed to have been in a meeting with Warner Bros., this solidifies the validity of Strong’s earlier statement.

Greg Cipes, the voice behind Beast Boy, pointed out that a strong box office presents a strong case for a revival of the original series. It shows that fans are still interested in the franchise even though it ended years ago.

Tara Strong also addressed the naysayers to reiterate what she had been told. While there’s been no official comment from Warner Bros., this doesn’t feel like a pure marketing tactic.

Teen Titans Go! has always been met with criticism from the original fans because viewers felt the show was more childish. In comparison to Teen Titans, it does feel geared towards children rather than all ages. Now considered a cult classic, Teen Titans fans have been desperately trying to get a sixth season on the air.

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Cartoon Network seems to be embracing a slate of animated series for an older audience. Their current hits, Adventure TimeSteven Universe, and Rick and Morty, have become overnight sensations. Hopefully, their popularity will give the network faith in a revival of the hit superhero show too.

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