Wrong Man preview: Air date, time, trailer and what you need to know


Premiering June 3rd on Starz, Emmy-winning Joe Berlinger’s Wrong Man is a 6-part documentary about three prisoners who claim innocence.

As the Wrong Man trailer suggests, not all death row inmates are necessarily guilty. This particular documentary will focus on Evaristo Salas, Curtis Flowers, and Christopher Tapp. While details are scarce until its premiere, the trailer highlights issues like no physical evidence, false confessions, and “crazy” cases. For example, according to comingsoon.net, the mother of Christopher Tapp’s alleged victim herself believes Tapp is innocent.

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Berlinger’s Not New To This

Joe Berlinger’s no stranger to this type of content. He is largely known for his so-called Paradise Lost Trilogy, about the so-called “West Memphis Three” (Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr.). The series brought key publicity and scrutiny to their cause. In 2011, the 3 were actually released from prison after serving about 18 years and 78 days! Berlinger may have insight into which cases are legitimate and which aren’t.

Assisting Berlinger in the series: Ira Todd of Detroit’s Homicide Task Force, Civil Rights Attorney Ronald Kuby, former Prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson, and Joe Kennedy, a retired NCIS investigator. Wrong Man‘s official website promises the show to be interactive, encouraging people to “Watch Closely. Question Everything. Stay informed on all the latest updates and join the discussion on Facebook.”

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There’s every indication that people will follow Wrong Man, as true crime remains a public fascination.  Almost everyone knows someone who obsessively watches true crime TV and movies, and reads such literature.  The question is, will this series have the same impact as Paradise Lost.  Also, some might ask:  What if 1 or more of these people really are guilty?  It promises to be interesting either way.

Wrong Man is produced by Third Eye Motion Picture Company, Electus, and RadicalMedia.