New Luke Cage video teases Daughters of the Dragon team up


Netflix released another sneak peek for Luke Cage season two which focuses on a new team up.

Harlem’s hero is going to have a few extra hands helping out this season. The latest teaser for the second season of Luke Cage focuses on the Daughters of the Dragon. After viewers got a taste of this comic book team in Defenders, it looks like the two will be more heavily involved in the action this time around.

Who are the Daughters of the Dragon? Misty Knight and Colleen Wing form the group in the comics after standing on the sidelines as supporting characters. The name originated after an insult from Iron Fist’s nemesis, Davos.

While it’s unlikely Luke Cage will embrace the name, it does seem like it will highlight their partnership. In the sneak peek, Colleen can be seen wearing her signature white while Misty is in red. As fun as it is to see the nod to the character’s comic book outfits, nothing is better than seeing them fight together.

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The video focuses on the two women drinking and chatting at a bar before a drunk man picks a fight with Misty. While she hesitates briefly, due to her one arm, it isn’t long before she’s beating him up with only one hand. Colleen confidently sits back and watches the show before finally stepping in near the end.

Even from the short clip, it’s clear to see the sense of camaraderie that’s been built up between the two. Luke Cage also looks like it plans to highlight their different fighting styles. Defenders was criticized for not differentiating between Daredevil’s and Iron Fist’s techniques. In the sneak peek, Misty’s style is closer to that of a brawler compared to Colleen’s more elegant approach. It should help make fight scenes more creative, trying to integrate the two different styles.

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Of course, seeing the Daughters of the Dragon on screen is bound to bring up the question of a spin-off. Netflix has stayed mum on the possibility, but it doesn’t seem implausible. As two popular supporting characters, they have the fan base and character development to sustain their own series.

Are you excited to see this team up? Be sure to watch Luke Cage season two when it hits Netflix on June 22.