Hulu and Buzzfeed team up to tackle R. Kelly rumors in new documentary


BuzzFeed News and Hulu are developing a documentary focusing on sexual allegations that have plagued singer R. Kelly for decades. The Documentary will examine Kelly’s supposed abuse and manipulation of women and underage girls.

According to Deadline, BuzzFeed News and Hulu are developing a new R. Kelly documentary based on a lengthy investigation. The project will be led by Linzee Troubh and Shani Hilton of BuzzFeed while leaning heavily on the reporting done by Jim DeRogatis and Marisa Carroll. DeRogatis has followed Kelly for years and it was his initial story for Buzzfeed that brought the recent allegations of his “sex cult” to light.

Several influential associates and former inner circle friends have been interviewed for the R. Kelly feature. The provocative R&B artist has been seen as an enigma since a video purporting to show Kelly urinating on a young girl. Coupled with a history of alleged abuse, the new R. Kelly film seeks to seriously examine the actions where previous shows merely mocked Kelly for being eccentric.

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In the #MeToo climate, Kelly’s allegations can no longer be passed off as trivial, a laughing matter. For years, R. Kelly was ostensibly excused from consequences. He still made music, movie, and plenty of money off of sexual explicit material.

While the documentary will be hard for some of the victims, if the allegations are true, the backlash will be unoriginal. Already deniers are bringing out all the excuses, which will not be linked or retweeted in this space. Already R. Kelly legal representatives are claiming people speaking up are just looking for a payday, or have already received one through the courts or from a media source.

Kelly continues to make music and all but ignores the allegations. In the new political and cultural environment, the ramifications of his actions will be far worse than being mocked by Chappelle and South Park. There are already other documentaries examining Kelly’s troublesome sexual allegations.

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The resignations from his inner circle are already being reported as the first criminal allegations are being investigated. Pressure will mount on sponsors and business associates. With the new Hulu and Buzzfeed News documentary primed to keep the allegations in the news, Kelly will soon be reading plenty of Trapped in the Closet puns.