Impulse: Latest clip teases dangerous world of teleportation


Ahead of tomorrow’s full-season release of the new series Impulse, YouTube Premium released a clip teasing the deadly stakes of “jumping.”

Inspired by the 2008 sci-fi flick Jumper starring Hayden Christensen and the book by Steven Gould, YouTube Premium’s (aka YouTube Red) newest series Impulse is dropping its 10-episode first season tomorrow. As a final teaser, YouTube released a new clip today via Screen Rant that sheds some light on the potentially wider universe of the show.

Earlier trailers have focused on main character Henrietta “Henry” Cole (Maddie Hasson), a teenager whose teleportation ability is triggered when classmate Clay Boone (Tanner Stine) tries to rape her. Her “jump” wrecks Clay’s car, leaving him paralyzed and his family with a quite misguided vendetta.

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As Henry struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the assault, her powers only grow stronger, making her feeling more out of control than ever. According to Deadline, showrunner Lauren LeFranc made sure the season explored Henry’s trauma instead of using it for dramatic effect and then have her become “suddenly… evolved from that.”

Today’s clip introduces new major characters: Dominick (Keon Alexander), who’s a jumper, and Nikolai (Callum Keith), who really wants to kill Dominick, as well as a doctor connected to Dominick’s past who Dominick really wants to kill.

Dominick kidnap teleports the doctor from a Japanese karaoke bar up to the roof of a skyscraper and confronts him about working for the organization that seemingly experimented Dominick as a child. However, Dominick is temporarily taken out of commission by some kind of high-pitched frequency device Nikolai whips out when he arrives on the scene.

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Will you be watching YouTube’s latest original series? Check out how the three-way standoff continues in the clip above, and check out YouTube Premium tomorrow to get a jump on binging Impulse.