Shameless: Richard Flood to be a series regular


Shameless is gearing up for its ninth season and has promoted Richard Flood, aka Ford–Fiona’s sort-of boyfriend, into a series regular role.

Throughout season 8 of Shameless, Richard Flood was seen in a recurring role as the enigmatic Ford–a carpenter and a man of many talents, including being a sperm donor/father to the children of lesbian couples. He also was Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) on-again-off-again fling, perhaps boyfriend throughout the eighth season.

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Flood was in a total of six episodes in the eighth season but has officially been promoted to be a series regular for the ninth season according to Deadline. Since his character will obviously be a big part of the next season, it leaves us to wonder what this will mean for his and Fiona’s relationship.

Could he finally be the one? While in the world of Shameless, nothing is really forever, and even the happiest of moments are always fleeting, it would be a welcome change to see Ford and Fiona create a future together with half Irish babies–and lots of half-siblings.

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Flood is best known for his role in Amazon’s Red Rock, an Irish drama series. He also starred in NBC’s Crossing Lines and National Geographic’s Killing Kennedy.

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What do you think of Flood becoming a series regular? And what predictions do you have for his and Fiona’s relationship? Share your comments below!

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Season 9 of Shameless is set to premiere September 9th on Showtime.