Sela Ward joins cast of Westworld for penultimate episode of season 2


HBO’s Westworld announces surprise casting of Sela Ward in the penultimate episode of season two.

In the last few moments of Westworld’s episode nine trailer, teasing a storyline set in the Man in Black’s (Ed Harris) opulent lifestyle with his picture-perfect family, the audience catches a glimpse of actress Sela Ward (House MD, Once and Again) — presumably playing the Man in Black’s ill-fated wife Juliet.

Ward can be seen in films like Independence Day: Resurgence, Gone Girl, and The Fugitive and has appeared as a regular cast member on shows like House MD as House’s ex-partner Stacy Warner.

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She is perhaps best known for her role as Lily Manning in the TV series Once and Again (which also featured Evan Rachel Wood), for which she has won both Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Awards.


We know the history of how the Man in Black, as William (Jimmi Simpson), came to be involved with Westworld and the Delos company, and that his wife committed suicide and that his daughter Grace (Katja Herbers) blames him for it.

What we don’t know is what lead up to this trouble in his life and how the hidden darkness in William revealed itself to his wife in such a way that supposedly drove her to her death.

Whether these proclamations by the Man in Black are strictly true is another question altogether. Is William really to blame for his wife’s death? Or is he torturing himself over a desperate act of mental illness?

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And was his daughter right to blame him or was it actually an unfair accusation, like she said. What does seem to be true is that his crazed crusade is a last-ditch attempt to bring meaning to his life — similar to the desperate attempts being made by the awakened hosts to bring meaning to theirs.

Source: Deadline