Watchmen HBO TV show to keep controversial moment from comics as part of its canon


The Watchmen movie did a lot of great things.

From keeping the spirit of the comics to removing things that could never work on the big screen, it was a great adaptation.

With that said, one moment from the comics that the movie wisely removed will remain a part of the history of the upcoming HBO Watchmen TV show — the giant squid attack at the end of the comic book storyline.

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For those who only watched the movie, which had Dr. Manhattan pose a giant threat to the world as part of Ozymandias’ plan, the comics had a giant squid monster destroy New York City instead.

It was comical and very out of place in the comics — smartly changed in Zack Snyder’s movie.

The upcoming Watchmen TV show on HBO will take place after the events of the original story, and keep what fans know happened as part of its canon. This includes the controversial giant squid attack.

Slash Film reports that the Watchmen TV show will have the Ozymandias squid attack successfully in the past and people in the show’s world have prepared to defend themselves if there is another attack – Ozymandias’ plan working perfectly.

Also, remember in the comic books and movie that Rorsharch died at the hands of Dr. Manhattan to stop him from changing their plan to force world peace through their destructive actions.

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According to the reports, by the time the Watchmen TV show starts, Ozymandias has also died. With the super genius so devious in his planning, there is always a chance this is not entirely accurate because he could always have another plan up his sleeve.