Robert Kirkman’s superhero comic series order by Amazon


Robert Kirkman’s comic series ‘Invincible’ has been picked up by Amazon to run as an eight-episode animated series.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the wildly successful comic series and TV show, The Walking Dead, is getting another comic transitioned to our TV screens. According to Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Studios has ordered Invincible, one of Kirkman’s popular comics, to an eight-episode, hourlong animated series.

Invincible is about a teenaged boy named Mark Grayson whose father is Omni-Man, the most powerful and well-known superhero on the planet. It doesn’t take long in the series before Mark starts to find out that he, too, is developing superpowers. These powers include super speed, strength, invulnerability, and the ability to fly.

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Mark also learns that he’s part of an alien race known as the Viltrumites. He eventually becomes a superhero just like his father, who mentors him. Later he joins the Teen Team, a supergroup of teenaged heroes.

This news comes following Kirkman’s departure from his deal with AMC last year. The comic book creator left his longtime home for a new, bigger deal with Amazon Studios. Invincible will be his first project under this pact.

Now Amazon Studios and Robert Kirkman are bringing Invincible back to life, as the comic series 15-year run ended in February. Kirkman is beyond thrilled to see another one of his creations come to life on the television screen. He told Variety:

"“I couldn’t be more proud of the (comic) series Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley and I did together for over 15 years. To know our characters will live on in multiple iterations in other media is almost too exciting to bear. What Amazon is allowing us to do in animated form is nothing short of ground-breaking, and I can’t wait for our rabid fan base to experience it.”"

Kirkman’s Invincible also scored in the top one hundred in The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Greatest Superhero Comics.  

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Skybound Entertainment, which is also founded by Kirkman, is set to produce the series. Simon Racioppa (Teen Titans) will be the showrunner. The two will team with Catherine Winder and David Alpert as executive producers.

The cast has yet to be revealed, nor has the official premiere date been announced.