Titans set photo teases possible appearance of major character


Will the live action Titans series feature more Bat-Family members than expected?

A new set photo from DC’s Titans adaptation shows the bat signal pointed towards the sky. Unfortunately, the picture was taken during the day so fans can’t see the legendary light in action yet. This latest revelation makes one wonder how heavily the Bat Family will be featured in the first season of the series.

Previous updates from Titans have confirmed the series will be taking place in Gotham City. Leaked call sheets also cited “Bruce’s Penthouse” as one of the key locations for the show. Now that the bat signal has officially been shown, one has to wonder if the Dark Knight himself might appear.

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Considering Dick Grayson will still be suiting up as Robin, it would make sense to see Batman in some capacity. Especially because the teased appearance of Jason Todd hints at some Wayne Family drama. Perhaps Batman and the Boy Wonder are still fighting crime together, or Bruce will be seen separating arguments between his two sons.

Titans also seems like it’s planning to give Bruce a surrogate daughter who’s not Barbara Gordon. The leaked call sheet refers to a place called “Rachel’s Room” within the penthouse. It’s assumed Rachel is actually Raven, and she’s been taken in by the Wayne Family.

While reaction to the live-action adaptation have been extremely mixed, having Batman appear on the silver screen again is bound to bring in viewers. In the meantime, DC is also releasing an animated Teen Titans Go! movie this summer. The voice actors have teased a revival of the iconic original Teen Titans if that film does well at the box office.

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Outside of leaked set photos, not much is known about Titans. The people involved with the series have asked fans to reserve judgment before seeing the finished product after controversy arose. While that’s a fair request, it’s hard not to wish for a live-action Bat-Family series than a cross between Titans and Teen Titans.

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