Cloak & Dagger recap: ‘Call/Response’ highlights Tandy’s and Tyrone’s differences


The fourth episode of Cloak & Dagger highlights the differences between Tandy and Tyrone.

Throughout Cloak & Dagger‘s four-episode run, it’s been interesting to see how audiences have felt about the two lead characters. Both are easy to empathize with, but many fans have made it a competition over “who has it worse”. “Call/Response” makes it clear that both of the teens have been dealt a pretty unfair hand in life. Neither is worse than the other, they’re just different. However, those differences make it hard for them to relate to one another.

It was impossible for the series to not touch upon the divide between Tandy and Tyrone. He deals with racism (subtle or not) every single day but at least has a loving family to come home to. Tandy can walk through life ignored because of her blonde beauty but has no parent protecting her. It’s difficult for the two to bond because they both deal with wildly different issues.

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This makes their confrontation one of the best things Cloak & Dagger has done yet. Tyrone gives her a master class in racism because he’s fed up with her attitude. He feels endangered because of what happened to his brother, and how the cop is still walking around free. Tandy is equally annoyed with him because he sees her life as “better” simply because she’s a beautiful woman. There will probably be fans who take sides in this debate, but the show really perfectly encaptured both of their mindsets. They’re both right and wrong at the same time, but they’ll need to see each other’s point of view to move forward.

With that said, Tandy gets her chance to shine this week after Tyrone has done most of the heavy-lifting story wise. She’s teamed up with Greg with a whole new dedication to taking down Roxxon. Things end up getting going downhill when Greg is murdered and she’s left alone again. However, his death should be enough to confirm her suspicions about the organization.

Despite the loss, it’s exciting to see her start her sleuthing career. Like Tyrone points out, she has an easier time blending into the background than he does. Undoubtedly, Cloak & Dagger is setting up the two as a partnership but it makes sense for her to be the first one to step up.

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In other exciting news, Tyrone finally gets his “cloak” in “Call/Response”. It’s great to see the series stick with a comic accurate look compared to just a generic black hoodie or jacket. Tandy has also learned how to control her daggers, so they both made some headway to becoming heroes.

Overall, Cloak & Dagger has done a decent job of portraying the two characters equally. While the show is still moving a bit too slowly, it has picked up the pace. Hopefully, this season ends with the two confronting Roxxon or at least the corrupt cop for Tyrone.