Marvel Television says goodbye to long-time co-head Jim Chory


In a shocking move, Jim Chory has decided to leave Marvel Television.

Chory has been a long-time co-head of the division alongside Jeph Loeb. Deadline reports he chose to leave Marvel Television a few weeks ago. It’s currently unclear how big of an effect his exit will have on the company.

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While Loeb has been known to handle the creative direction of the shows, Chory was in charge of production. He spent a lot of time on set making sure everything was moving slowly. Over the past few years, there has been a clear resurgence for Marvel Television.

With the Netflix series still hits for the streaming service, RunawaysCloak & Dagger, and Agents of SHIELD, Chory might have wanted a break. He was also in charge of overseeing production for shows in development for Disney’s upcoming streaming service. With the company showing no signs of slowing down, this would be the perfect time to step down.

Nonetheless, it seems like a hefty amount of work to place on Loeb’s shoulders alone. Hopefully, Marvel Television is already working on finding a replacement while many shows are on hiatus. It’s unclear whether Chory will continue producing the Marvel shows he has in the past.

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Considering he’s been billed as a producer for every Marvel series over the past few years (including FOX’s The Gifted and FX’s Legion) it would be a major adjustment for him to drop them. It certainly puts the future of Marvel Television in jeopardy, but the company will undoubtedly figure something out.

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