Cloak & Dagger explores hopes and dreams in ‘Stained Glass’


Cloak & Dagger wonders whether fear and hope are the same thing in “Stained Glass”.

After the series premiere, many fans took to social media to argue Tyrone shouldn’t have to suffer by seeing peoples’ fears. However, Cloak & Dagger makes it clear that those fears and Tandy’s hopes are not entirely black and white. While the episode doesn’t move the story very far along, it does give the audience the longest look at what these teens see.

Tandy’s viewpoint is seen first, as she recovers from the car crash in last week’s episode. She’s initially afraid of Tyrone because of the gun but drives away without a second thought once she hears the police. However, the crash throws a wrench in her runaway plans and she needs to take refuge at her mom’s house to clean up.

It’s almost sickening to see the mother feel slighted by her daughter returning but at least she covers for Tandy with the detective. Nevertheless, Tandy hightails it out of there and hops on the first bus out of town before her powers take shape.

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She travels into Tyrone’s hopes, where she sees him as a young boy playing basketball. It’s heartbreaking to know one of his greatest desires is to go back in time and have his brother skip hanging out with his friends. That one decision could have changed both boys’ lives and it’s a dream tinged with sadness.

However, she then has to witness a teenage Tyrone repeatedly kill the cop who shot his brother. It makes sense, at this point in Cloak & Dagger he’s consumed by rage. Yet, every time he killed the man, Tyrone would also die. So she encourages him to find a new way, and instead, he opts to dedicate himself to getting the cop arrested.

From Tyrone’s point of view, things go a bit differently. That interaction at the car crash, you can see him recoil at Tandy’s fear. It’s clear he thinks it’s racially motivated until she points out the gun in his hand. Nevertheless, he has to postpone his feelings because Tandy is slipping away into the night again.

Tyrone’s love life is probably one of the weakest parts of Cloak & Dagger. It’s hard to get invested in something when his interactions with Tandy are so much more interesting. Yet, the show is dedicated to exploring their relationship and spends a large chunk of time doing so. Since she gives tours about famous New Orleans voodoo locations, she quickly drags him along.

He gets some herbs to bath in to clean his aura from her aunt. Honestly, this development with the aunt creating a modern day voodoo doll makes it seem like maybe her niece’s interest isn’t genuine? That could certainly be an interesting development. But for now, the two are just sneaking around like normal teenagers.

During his bath, Tyrone gets to see Tandy’s fears. The young girl in her ballet uniform repeatedly has to watch the Roxxon Corporation waterboard her father until she runs away. It’s sad because this is probably how a young child would rationalize the death of a parent. Her dad died in the water, and right afterward his company took everything from them. Ultimately, it’s a natural connection to make for the series.

After multiple sequences, Tyrone finally convinces her to stick around and fight rather than run away. It inspires Tandy to get off the bus and find the detective who was looking for her. Ultimately, it sets the two on a new path.

Detective O’Reilly is easily the most interesting of the supporting characters on Cloak & Dagger She’s a street savvy NYPD detective who just recently moved to New Orleans. Unlike Detective Conners, she isn’t about to bend her will to the wealthy but sets her sites on taking down criminals. She’s quickly able to deduce Tandy was assaulted and takes her side, something all the other detectives overlooked. Even though Conners ultimately destroys her case, O’Reilly is definitely going to turn some heads this season.

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As of now, Cloak & Dagger is off to a decent start for Freeform. However, the show can’t afford to do many episodes like “Stained Glass” without viewers getting frustrated. All of the Marvel series have been known to move at a glacial pace and hopefully, this one starts moving the plot along.