Vice season 6 episode 12 recap: ‘The Big Fix and The Silicon Valley of India’


On the latest episode of Vice, the show first took a look at the state of American infrastructure.

Despite countless efforts to invest in modernizing and repairing America’s aging infrastructure, the goal has been hard to achieve in this week’s Vice.

There are several reasons people should make sure a country’s infrastructure is kept up to date and in top form. For starters, it’s a must for ensuring conditions are safe. Obviously, you don’t want people driving on roads and bridges that are falling apart. For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the levees and other infrastructure methods designed to protect the city from flooding didn’t work. As a result, that caused a rise in the number of deaths and injuries.

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But it also makes little economic sense for a country to have a dated, crumbling infrastructure. For starters, spending money on fixing infrastructure employees countless workers and contractors. Furthermore, if a bridge falls apart, that has a significant cost in terms of not just revenue, but in opportunity cost wasted. It is far harder and more costly to repair something when it has already broken down as opposed to when it just needs to be patched up.

Additionally, an ineffective infrastructure impacts businesses ability to conduct their affairs. If entrepreneurs cannot efficiently travel across the country, that has an economic cost.

The other segment was a look at India’s rising technological sector. It is no secret that India has been a hub for outsourcing and call centers for years. But what is just as significant is that India is steadily getting closer to rival Silicon Valley in terms of innovation and technology.

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The two stories are interconnected, as they both look at infrastructure. The first looks at traditional infrastructure, whereas the other looks at digital and technological infrastructure. Cutting-edge technology helps develop efficient roads and bridges, while modern technology needs people able to utilize it.