Walking Dead showrunner doesn’t mind fan criticism


Ever since Negan showed up on The Walking Dead, fans have criticized the direction of the show and showrunner Scott Gimple.

That criticism grew even louder after Carl Grimes died last season and with Maggie Greene and Rick Grimes headed out the door, The Walking Dead is facing a fan boycott soon.

However, Cinema Blend reports that, when asked about fan criticism of TWD, showrunner Scott Gimple said that it doesn’t bother him at all.

"This is a show that has lived in the world of Twitter. It’s something you check in on and it’s interesting, but there can be so much praise and criticism for the same things. … Anybody’s opinion is valid, as long as they watch the show."

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Of course, Gimple is right. It doesn’t matter as long as people watch the show. However, fewer people are watching the show and when Rick Grimes departs the world of The Walking Dead, expect even more fans to leave as well.

From season three through season seven, the lowest that The Walking Dead hit in the ratings was a 10.75, with season five topping out at 14.38.  Season eight finished with an average of 7.82 and only the premiere broke the 10 mark.

As a matter of fact, the 7.92 that the season finale received was the lowest since the first season of the show.

It is ok not to care what fans think when they criticize the show, but to say that it is ok as “long as they watch the show” is a poor response since they are not watching the show anymore.

There was a fan petition after Carl Grimes’ death last season to have Scott Gimple fired. Gimple stepped down as the showrunner following the season, but he was promoted into a role as the chief content officer of all Walking Dead media properties, meaning that the new showrunner, Angela Kang, will answer to him.

Despite Gimple still being in charge, Kang will likely bring a different approach to running the show. Gimple was all about characterization and after three seasons many television viewers were tired of that and wanted more mayhem and action.

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With the possibility of The Whisperers coming, the change in lead characters, and a rumored time jump, Kang might be able to bring a new feel that will stop the complaints. As long as they start watching again, Scott Gimple doesn’t seem to mind.