Pose season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Pink Slip’


Pose presents its penultimate episode of season one with the houses in shambles, and a strained relationship between Papi and Blanca.

On Pose, Blanca is the voice of reason, family, and love, but this week she is tested when she has to force Papi out of their home. She learns that he has been dealing drugs through Ricky’s confession, and when she confronts him, their argument leads to her kicking him out of the house.

She has put so much effort into creating a new home but is facing the hardships of being a mother and struggles with the fact that her decisions may not be the right ones. This week’s episode of Pose was a nice change from the episodes before because instead of focusing on the obvious problems this community faced, we just had a few moments to look into their personal, daily lives.

Each character faced a dilemma this week, and it made this episode one of the best of the season. Elektra had to face her reality after she came out about her gender confirmation surgery. She too was kicked out of her home, and when she tries to find another man, he rejects for being a “full woman”.

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Stan moved out of his house and moved into the apartment with Angel. He’s curious to see her world and so she leads him to one of the balls, where he is completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere. He comes to the realization that their secret relationship gave them a bubble to be happy in, but now that the secret is out, he’s realizing that it’s not going to work.

After Papi is kicked out of the house, he immediately finds himself getting arrested, and because of his fallout with Blanca, he has no one to call and rely on. Unfortunately, this pushes him further away from Blanca, and when she tries to bring him back, he’s already decided to join a new house.

Speaking of the new house, named House of Ferocity, Lulu and Candy decide they are tired of Elektra and want to be mothers of a whole new home. This is an unexpected plot twist of the series to see Papi leave Blanca behind, and for new competition to arise. How will they fare in the ballroom?

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One of the most standout elements of this episode is shedding light on a situation that was rampant in the 80’s but was brought into this episode without being too over-the-top. Seeing Elektra be dismissed by her sugar daddy, and then having to figure out how to get money is a very devastating moment in the episode. This alerts viewers to a reality that the LGBT community did often face, and it’s an unfortunate but riveting plot point in the episode.

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Elektra finds herself having to work at the same place (peep show) as Angel for money, and realizes she is in a tough spot, fighting to make a living any way she sees fit. And with Stan gone, Angel returns to work and back on the streets to make money from anyone she can. What will Elektra do to make sure no one finds out? And how will Angel move on without Stan?

Pose is such a deeply emotional show and this episode really helps us connect with the characters and their circumstances in a meaningful way. They have their struggles and fears, and they are trying to make it in a world that is always against them. This is the beauty of Pose and why it resonates with so many fans. Thank goodness it has been renewed for season two, right?

Pose will air its season one finale Sunday on FX at 9 PM EST!