Fear The Walking Dead releases season 4B trailer at SDCC!


Fear The Walking Dead crawls into San Diego Comic-Con with an eerie season 4B trailer and a side of ice cold refreshments.

Fear The Walking Dead released the trailer for the second half of season four today at San Diego Comic-Con and it’s quite haunting and creepy if we do say so ourselves. There is something haunting about the imagery along with the upbeat music and we can’t help but be sucked into the frightening feel of it all, even though it’s definitely supposed to feel comedic as well.

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Yvette Nicole Brown moderated the panel and spoke to the cast and creators about what we can expect heading into the back half of season four, and after losing *gulp* some major characters. There has been so much angst and misery on the show, and based on the latest trailer, it all shows no signs of stopping.

The trailer shows an epic storm that hits with zombies literally flying all over the place in the winds. Everyone seems to be separated and is struggling to make it on their own. The back half of the season will introduce two new characters played by Aaron Stanford and Stephen Henderson and we see them dealing with Morgan in the new trailer.

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With no place to call home and no safety net, the group will face a lot of challenges moving forward, as is evident in the trailer. Makeup guru Greg Nicotero shared that the time jump in Fear The Walking Dead gave him and his team a chance to really play around with the zombies and give them a fun and exciting look of decay because of the storm.

We have a lot to look forward to when Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, August 12th!