Jack Ryan adds Noomi Rapace to season 2 cast before premiere


Season one of Jack Ryan hasn’t even premiered yet but Amazon has added Noomi Rapace to the cast for the second season.

Jack Ryan hit San Diego Comic Con today with quite a bit of big news. The Amazon series debuted the first episode for attendees and announced an exciting new casting update. Award-winning actress, Noomi Rapace, has boarded the cast for season two as the female lead. Considering Rapace has notoriously been selective with which roles she’s taken, this should be exciting for fans hoping the series does well.

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It’s unclear if her character originated from the novels, but she will be an elite secret agent with Germany’s Intelligence Agency. One of the showrunners, Carlton Cuse, revealed she would be “formidable” and meet with the titular character in South America. Since the first season hasn’t debuted yet, it’s unclear how exactly Rapace’s character will factor into the storyline. It this a multi-season arc or just a one-off? Naturally, it seems like Amazon is trying to keep the big details under wraps.

The Amazon original was already renewed so the series doesn’t have to worry that much about ratings this time around. Yet, it does show that the streaming service has a lot of faith in the upcoming series. Considering Tom Clancy’s action novels have been beloved for years, the show is almost guaranteed to have an audience.

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Lucky fans at SDCC will be able to see the pilot today and more reviews will probably surface online after the fact. Almost everyone else has been treated to multiple trailers to tide them over. Jack Ryan is slated to appear on Amazon on August 31.

Source: Deadline