Star Trek: Discovery’s Kurtzman confirms Spock for season two


Star Trek: Discovery showrunner, Alex Kurtzman, confirmed at Comic-Con that we will see Spock in season two.

Speaking about season two of Star Trek: Discovery and what we can expect, Discovery co-creator and showrunner Kurtzman revealed what viewers long suspected – that we will see Spock. Although he wasn’t specific about whether he was speaking about adult Spock or the already confirmed young Spock, we are assuming he means the present day Spock serving aboard the Enterprise. “I can tell you that, yes, you will be seeing Spock this season,” Kurtzman said.

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No further details were given, including who has been cast to play the iconic character – whose scenes surely must have been filmed by now considering the content in the teaser trailer. Season one ended on a cliffhanger in which a Captain-less Discovery responds to a distress call put out by the Enterprise as commanded by Captain Christopher Pike. Michael Burnham and Sarek look at each other significantly, indicating that they expect Spock to be aboard the troubled vessel.

Director Jonathan Frakes confirmed that we would be seeing a young Spock in flashbacks to  Michael Burnham’s childhood, but left speculation open as to whether or not we would see an adult Spock. Sonequa Martain-Green (Michael Burnham) previously hinted at Spock’s involvement in season two, saying “It is the Enterprise in that shot. We all know who is on the Enterprise. You see Sarek and Burnham look at each other, and there you have it.”

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Fans are understandably curious about the relationship between Burnham and her foster-brother Spock and are impatient to learn more. The Discovery tie-in novel Desperate Hours has Burnham and Spock previously teaming up, indicating that the two were never particularly close and somewhat resentful of the others’ relationship with Sarek. At the end of that mission, they come to have a closer understanding of each other through a mind-meld. It will be interesting to see whether those events play a role in their current relationship.

Source: Comicbook