The Gifted season 2 trailer teases the Dawn of the Mutant Age


The Gifted debuted its season two trailer at Comic Con with an ominous new setting.

Fans of the FOX’s The Gifted were treated to a look at the upcoming season which shows a dark new world. All of the heroes are on different sides in a war where there will be no winners. However, the first clip also introduces the various factions in season two.

Polaris seems to be the focus of the new trailer which comes as no surprise. Emma Dumont confirmed she’s about nine months pregnant, and the world must grapple with her pregnancy. Why is that? Well, every time the baby kicks it sends a shock through the general area. It looks like a key problem throughout the first half of The Gifted season two will be trying to figure out a way for her to safely deliver the baby.

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At least she’ll have the best care money can buy with the Hellfire Club. It turns out new addition Reva Paige is the current White Queen of the group. This probably serves as confirmation that Emma Frost is indeed dead in this universe. However, that probably won’t stop the Stepford Cuckoos from wanting the position their mother once filled.

It might be easier said than done because Evangeline warns the Underground that Paige is one of the most powerful mutants left after 7/15. Her ominous message promises that their friends will either be killed for leaving or the Underground will be forced to kill them. Of course, this is a little difficult for Eclipse considering Polaris is his baby mama, and the Struckers because of Andy.

Speaking of Andy, he’s sporting a new look which screams “I’m a villain!”. He seems to have embraced his newfound status as a bad guy and it looks like Lauren will treat him as such. However, the Struckers and the remaining members of the Underground have found a new family in The Gifted trailer. It’s been teased for a while, but fans get their first look at the show’s version of the Morlocks.

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Despite this, things aren’t exactly boding well for our heroes. Reed has a mysterious “condition” which is infecting him, perhaps his mutant abilities manifesting? It appears like someone is stalking Caitlin, and Johnny is partaking in some underground fight club. Could the former be the target of the anti-mutant group, The Purifiers? They’re also confirmed for this season so anything is possible.

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