The Walking Dead casts two major comic characters for season 9


The Walking Dead has confirmed the casting of actresses for Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, and Magna, a future ally to Rick Grimes militia.

Major casting news has recently been announced for Season 9 of The Walking Dead. There have been multiple reveals regarding new faces to AMC’s hit drama, including original comic characters Yumiko and Connie, as well as actor Dan Fogler in an unrevealed role. It brought up the question–if and when would comic characters Magna, and antagonist Alpha, be confirmed?

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Well, now we have our answer. Alpha will be played by Samantha Morton (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Minority Report). Following the defeat of Negan and the Saviors, Alpha is the next major antagonist that Rick Grimes and his unified communities must face next. She’s the leader of a group called the Whisperers, who are more bizarre than any group we’ve seen thus far in both the show and the comics. The Whisperers drape themselves in the skin of walkers to camouflage themselves, as well as use the dead against their enemies.

Whether Morton will shave her head to match the look of the comic character is yet to be revealed.

Also joining the cast for Season 9 is Nadia Hilker (The 100, Allegiant)  who plays Magna. We’re offered a few glimpses of the character in the newly released San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Season 9. 

Magna starts off as a leader of a much smaller group who eventually joins the Alexandria community. After losing friends to the Whisperers, Magna and her group decide to join Rick and company against them.

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The Walking Dead has diverted from the comics more now than ever, but the show almost always includes the major characters Robert Kirkman created. With Season 9 confirming Andrew Lincolns departure in one way or another, it could open room up for a much bigger role for Hilker.

The new season looks to be headed for a collision course between the newly conjoined communities and the Whisperers and both of these characters will have a major role to play in the upcoming conflict.