Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 3 recap: ‘Look Out for Number One’


Orange Is The New Black dives into Frieda’s past as the prison investigation in the present gets out of hand.

Orange Is The New Black is a bit slower this season, but episode three sort of broke our hearts, for multiple reasons. First off, we learned more about Frieda’s past and why she is so determined to kill herself, and secondly, there is a hazing process in entering the different blocks of Gen Pop–and it is not pretty.

For those of you who forgot about Linda, aka Head of Purchasing for MCC, well she’s still around, and she got swept in up being shipped off to a prison facility in Ohio following the riot. It wasn’t until this episode that MCC realized she was being treated as a prisoner, and unfortunately, they got to her a tad bit later after all her hair was shaved off–all because of a lice infestation.

She uses this mistake to land a promotion and salary increase, making herself the senior VP of it all. Pretty clever, we’d have to say. Fig is pretty content with cruising along now that she is the warden but with Linda in a position of power, Fig is going to be tested more than she would like to be. If these two don’t end up fighting by the end of the season, then, well, that would suck.

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As the inmates are being transferred from Ad Seg to Gen Pop, they’re experiencing some major adjustment issues. For example, as part of a hazing process, all new inmates have their toiletries stolen and are left without toothbrushes and shampoo. When Cindy is moved over to D-Block and the crew is placed on janitorial duty, they try to steal someone else’s bag, only to find out it is a prank and the bottles are filled with urine.

Apparently, the dream is to be in B Block, which is referred to as Florida. Yup, it’s the best block of the bunch and has a very chill and relaxed feel to it.

With the investigation starting to get tougher and harder on the inmates to coerce a confession, Nicky calls her father to get help with a lawyer. Unfortunately, the lawyer he brings she learns is her stepmother, of who she was unaware of. But with the threat of an additional 70 years being added to her sentence, she may not have a choice. Her father urges her to pin the blame on Red, but we are left to wonder if she actually will.

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The truth about Piscatella’s death is starting to circulate around the prison, thanks to Red, who wants Piper and Nicky to be aware before they head into their interrogations. However, while Nicky learns of the truth, Piper misunderstand Red’s message and thinks it means that Alex is dead.

And this ends up working out poorly for Red when an angry Piper reveals too much negative information about the riot and Red’s obsession with taking down Piscatella. She dun goofed!

The flashback of the episode was focused on Frieda, who once roamed the halls of Litchfield Max in her younger years. However, she cut a deal out of there and into minimum security prison by ratting out her partner in crime that she sold stuff to inmates with. Years later being in Max again, she is afraid of running into this woman, who is still an inmate there. And of course, she does–just for a brief moment of intense staring down as she is moved into Gen Pop.

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In the present, Freida manipulates her way out of the interrogation by cutting some sort of deal with the agent. But did she name Red as the culprit in the process? We are suspecting something is up because at the end of the episode, Frieda is transferred to the dream block, aka Florida–and she couldn’t be happier than she is in that moment, eating pudding with Suzanne.

Orange Is The New Black, please do not put Red in jail forever–seriously, don’t.