Stephen King to Castle Rock viewers: ‘Put all that Easter egg stuff aside’


Regarding Hulu’s Castle Rock, Stephen King has urged viewers to focus on the original story, rather than so much on established lore.

Specifically, he unleashed this tweet:

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Some might be put off by this advice, but it makes sense, especially when the show was never intended as a 100-percent retread of his old stories.

At the same time, it’s undeniable that the show was marketed around King’s legacy, which may have misled fans into thinking these elements would constantly appear (and reappear).

Castle Rock has generally been restrained in tone — except for episode four, which definitely upped the action. Many fans probably weren’t expecting it to be such a subtle, arguably even slow-moving venture, which has some more interested in those Easter eggs.

Stephen King’s ultimate point is that, if you’re looking purely for signs of “old Kingdom,” you’ll be missing some merit in whatever’s happening now.

All of the characters have their own reasons for doing things, and no doubt mysteries will be stacked upon mysteries. The nuance certainly requires some attention and longer attention spans.

Patrick Harbron/Hulu

Also, a good viewer will not only be quick to ridicule a character’s choices and motives but consider the uniqueness — of circumstance, psychology and general character traits. Why might this character do this instead of that?

If we’re too busy looking for King references, we’ll be too distracted from these basic (yet essential) questions.

As we move beyond episode four, the show promises to go beyond its initial slow burn, until it’s boiling over. In other words, there will be less reason to look for Easter eggs anyway, and they’ll be easier to miss.

There were hints of heightened action in the very first episode, which began under rather dramatic and freaky circumstances. In the end, Castle Rock is very much a Stephen King-style show, although it’s not just about him.

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It proposes a universe in which new things happen, which may be only loosely associated with the old.

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