It’s Always Sunny – Mac Has Gay Pride Dance Scene in Season 13!


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is well known for political incorrectness.

However, it has its sensitive moments, too, like when Mac came out as gay in season 12.

In season 13, series co-creator and star, Rob McElhenney, says his character Mac will even have a huge, gay pride dance sequence! Specifically, Deadline reports that it will occur in the upcoming episode, “Mac Finds His Pride.”

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The show has often featured dance scenes, but none in such a powerful context.

The question is, will the show employ its trademark, over-the-top offensive humor in the episode — or essentially be different from all other It’s Always Sunny moments?

Either way, real Sunny fans will be able to take it! It will surely be a milestone moment in the series.

In fact, McEllhenney says his character coming out was already “massive” among LGBTQ viewers, who certainly understood the direction and dilemmas of the character.

Regarding his character coming out, McEllhenney said, “We wanted to try something, for lack of a better term, heartwarming.” Heartwarming and different.

For years on It’s Always Sunny, Mac was considered a closeted gay character, and it was sort of a running gag. At the same time, the show was quick to demonstrate the folly of homophobia, as it frequently explores — often quite successfully — what makes “hot button” issues so hot in the first place.

For Mac, it was (apparently) his strict Catholic beliefs, which has frequently placed him at odds with other characters on the show (as well as himself, as we now know).

The dance sequence will take place as a way for Mac to come out as gay to his father, a prison inmate. Oddly enough, the scene could make for a double dose of “Awws,” as Mac’s known to be on bad terms with his father throughout the series.

If his dad fully accepts him — and they otherwise forgive each other — it would be one of the most uplifting moments for an “anti-sitcom” that’s generally pretty dark (albeit funny).

One safe guess for It’s Always Sunny in the future: It will continue to be uncompromising in many respects, in the classic tradition of equal-opportunity offensive humor.

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However, it’s clear that more nuance will be added to this formula, and its characters will even have opportunities to grow and change. As Seinfeld would say: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns on FXX on Wednesday, September 5.