Tell Me a Story trailer hits for new Kevin Williamson CBS All Access horror series


CBS All Access brought fans a reason to subscribe to their service with Star Trek: Discovery and now that the new Tell Me a Story trailer has hit by visionary Kevin Williamson, it looks like there is another reason.

Kevin Williamson created some very scary content over his career, writing Wes Craven’s Scream, the lesser slasher follow-up I Know What You Did Last Summer and the hit series The Vampire Diaries.

Now, Williamson has signed on with CBS All Access to help them with content for their premium service and his show looks very, very scary — and very original.

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Tell Me a Story takes the idea of classic fairy tales and sets them up in a modern day society. Actually, from the look of the trailer, the show appears to take place either in a near future or a world very different from our own.

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Tell Me a Story is based on the Argentina TV series Érase una vez, a Mexican crime drama that is based on classic fairy tales.

In that original series, the first season had 12 episodes and each was named after a classic fairy tale, with examples being Little Red Riding HoodSnow WhiteThe Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Three Little Pigs.

As seen in the Tell Me a Story trailer above, there are allusions to Little Red Riding HoodHansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.

Unlike the series from Argentina, which used a different fairy tale in each episode, the first season of the American version will only focus those three fairy tales and weave them together into the story.

On Sunday, Williamson spoke about Tell Me a Story at TCA (via Deadline).

"“This reminds me a lot of my early days. It took me back to another place. What I like is that there’s nothing on TV like it. It sits in its own little world.”"

Williamson also said that, despite the fairy tales, there will be no supernatural horror in Tell Me a Story. That makes it sound like it will be more like Scream than The Vampire Diaries. It also means the horror will likely be very real.

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Williamson said that the horror here is mirrored in today’s America, which he said is living in “rage” and where everyone is “so divided.” Williamson also said that being on CBS All Access allows him to be “uncensored” when telling his story.

Tell Me a Story premieres on Halloween, Oct. 31, on CBS All Access. There will be 10 episodes in the first season of the Kevin Williamson series.