Better Call Saul season 4, episode 2 recap: ‘Breathe’


Jimmy goes job hunting while Kim gives Howard a piece of her mind on this week’s Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul had Jimmy out searching for jobs this week, and while we would have expected some period of mourning after Chuck’s death, Jimmy is all about business. He’s oddly happy and upbeat when the episode begins, and Kim is awakened by the sound of him making orange juice and prepping for the day ahead.

When he goes to his first interview, the bosses are fairly impressed and promise to get back to him over the next week. Taking this as a challenge, Jimmy storms back into the office and gives us glimpses of the manipulating Saul we come to know later. After giving an inspirational speech about why he should be hired, he then proceeds to deny the job offer they give him because he thinks they’re too trusting. Say what, Jimmy?

Meanwhile, Kim heads to HHM to speak with Howard regarding Chuck’s affairs following his death. Howard is the executor of Chuck’s estate and informs Kim that Jimmy can take anything of sentimental value, but she abruptly rejects the offer. It appears that Chuck left Jimmy five thousand dollars, at which she rolls her eyes and scoffs.

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Kim is definitely not happy with Howard suggesting that Chuck killed himself, and explains that it was not appropriate to say to Jimmy on the day of Chuck’s funeral. After Howard hands Kim a letter from Chuck to Jim, she rushes out of the office out of disgust and danger, leaving Howard to figure out the next steps.

Jimmy isn’t exactly forthcoming about his day of interviewing when he and Kimmy have dinner later, and from what we can tell, she didn’t tell him about the meeting with Howard either. In the middle of the night, Jimmy gets up to do some research on a figurine he saw at the office he interviewed and finds out that it is worth $9,000. He gives Mike a call and it leaves us to wonder if this is what will be the beginning of Jimmy’s schemes and lies.

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Outside of Jimmy’s life, Gus has been keeping a close eye on Hector as he lays comatose in the hospital. Even though Gus wants Hector dead, he wants it on his own terms, and based off a suggestion decides to bring in a more experienced doctor to look over Hector’s case.

Nacho gets to see the brutal side of Gus we all are afraid of love when Gus takes the life of his friend Arturo. His departing words to Nacho? “From now on… you are mine.” Uh oh, Nacho.

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