Sharp Objects season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Falling’


This week on Sharp Objects, Camille goes over the line in her investigation while Adora keeps Amma under her care.

Camille dreams she is in the middle of the Crellin house, alone in the dark, staring at Amma’s dollhouse. Waking up, she sees Adora is in her room watching over her.

She is oddly maternal and tries nursing her daughter after her wild night out with Amma. Unsurprisingly, Camille recoils at it. Meanwhile, Jackie and Vickery banter and hint at their previous encounter.

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While Camille is preparing to leave, she sees her sister playing with her dollhouse. Amma tells Camille she wants Adora to take care of her, and her sister gives some words of encouragement. After leaving, she sees Vickery going to Ashley Wheeler’s house with backup.

Vickery has a search warrant and finds out John went out for a drive last night and Ashley doesn’t know where he is. Vickery pressures Ashley to help him, especially when it seems she likes the idea of getting her name in the paper.

Richard goes to find a nurse named Beverly Van Lumm in the hopes of finding information on Marian Crellin. Apparently, the cause of death for Marian was never confirmed. The nurse saved some of the files because she thought it would come in handy someday.

Beverly reveals she suspects Marian died from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. But the disease wasn’t Marian’s, but Adora’s. Beverly tried to do something about it but wound up fired.

Adora tries taking care of Amma, but her youngest daughter also recoils, claiming she feels ok. Adora promptly turns this on its head and claims that it hurts that Amma doesn’t trust her.

Vickery talks to Richard and says they found blood under John Keene’s bed and they are doing forensics on it. It also appears that Beverly has a spotty personal history and Vickery has reason to dismiss what she thinks as rumors.

Camille heads to a sketchy area for a drink since it’s too early for one in Wind Gap. She finds John Keene in a bar there and has a few with him, on account of he thinks he’s about to be arrested. He also comments that Wind Gap killed off the two girls with minds of their own. Camille probes him for information and John does an eerie imitation of a motive for killing the girls.

But this doesn’t last, as he admits he misses Natalie so bad he wants to die. Which seems to touch Camille. John adds one last thing; Natalie was found with painted nails and she would never paint her nails. He then finally admits to Camille that he never killed his sister, which she already knows.

Richard then goes to a hospital and gets a massive pile of records. He finds out that Marian had a feeding tube installed so “the mother” could put food right in her stomach. While he is furiously driving off somewhere, he sees Amma’s friends on their roller skates.

The girls wind up at the Crellin house, where Adora turns them away, telling them not to come back today because Amma is sick. Going back upstairs to Amma, she gives her daughter some tonic and takes her cell phone. It’s obvious the memory of Marian hangs over Amma in moments like this. Adora assures her Camille is going to leave tomorrow and things will go back to normal.

Camille and John get a hotel room somewhere and he reveals that he got a glimpse of Camille’s scars and asks to see them. She obliges him and he begins to read and analyze what Camille has kept hidden for so long. It’s an odd, yet intimate gesture. He then gently leads Camille to sex. It’s very different from her encounter with Richard.

Adora is keeping busy grinding up pills and making…..something. Alan blandly asks how Amma is doing before going to do what Alan does best; listening to his music. Amma sneaks to Camille’s room and tries getting on her sister’s laptop. Unable to do this, she finds the files on Natalie and Ann.

While relaxing in the hotel room, Camille and John are discussing the girls. He admits Natalie was a biter and adds that the only person in town who cared about Natalie was Adora. Shortly after this, Vickery and Richard bust in and arrest John.

That makes things a bit awkward between Richard and Camille. He is understandably a bit upset about things and eventually calls Camille a drunk amongst other things. But he still can’t help but watch Camille walk away.

While going to her car, Camille finds a file that she didn’t leave there. It’s one of Marian’s medical files. She goes straight to Jackie’s opulent (but not better than her mother’s) house where she is promptly offered a Bloody Mary, a sympathetic ear, and pills galore because it seems Jackie has her own stash.

It seems Jackie was always asking for information on Marian’s medical history. Especially because Marian was cremated. Eventually, what has long been unspoken finally hits home. Jackie doesn’t say the words, but the implication is there. Jackie responds that she did all she could and no one would believe her,

In response, Camille flees Jackie’s and calls Curry. Camille tearfully tells him her mother did it and she needs to take care of it.

Adora gives an increasingly sick Amma a spoonful of liquid while Vickery finds Amma’s two friends and chats with them. They reveal Amma couldn’t come out because Adora wouldn’t let Amma. He gives them a good-natured warning to watch out for drunk drivers because he wouldn’t see them. They tease him good-naturedly in response that it could be a she and not to be sexist. Vickery parks somewhere and seems lost with his thoughts.

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Meanwhile, Amma, Adora and Camille all seem to be having flashbacks. But unlike her daughter and husband, Adora’s seem rather pleasant (for her). The episode ends with Camille right back where she started, staring at her mother’s house in the middle of the night.