Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 10 recap: ‘Close Your Eyes’


Alicia finds herself trapped amidst a deadly storm with the last person she expected on this week’s riveting episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead has been doing a marvelous job building a story this half of the season without two major characters. It’s pretty shocking for a series to trek forward despite such drastic changes within the plot, and this week proved that this show is not going anywhere.

Last week’s episode ended with a storm brewing, and this week was a continuation of the storm. In The Walking Dead universe, nature is never really a factor in the story, so it was a welcome change to see what happens when the severe weather takes over.

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The episode was focused on Alicia–and Charlie. Yes, Charlie. It’s pretty shocking to see an entire episode of just the two of them trapped as a result of the storm in one place together.

There were a lot of changes in just one episode that started with Alicia’s intense resentment and hate towards Charlie, but by the end transformed into something beautiful.

Side note: Loved the opening credits with the show’s title being blown away by wind, it was pretty darn clever we must say.

Alicia found refuge in an abandoned house and soon realized that Charlie was hiding there too, much to her initial dismay. At first, Alicia tried to get away as far as possible after everything that happened because of Charlie, but she was knocked unconscious.

Later, she let it all out and conveyed the fear, sadness, and anger she had about losing her brother and mother, and why it was all Charlie’s fault. It’s a pretty intense scene because despite what Charlie did, she’s still a child and it’s hard to grasp that when you see Alicia’s suffering.

It seems like Charlie has come to a point, even as a child, where she doesn’t exactly want to live. She even approaches a zombie impaled in three but Alicia pulls her away at the last moment.

And despite the negative feelings Alicia has for Charlie, she’s not going to let her end her life just like that. Interesting, considering she ripped her a new one just moments before.

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We learned a bit more about where Charlie comes from, and who she was before all this went down in the world of Fear The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, this moment is rattled by the storm breaking one of the shutters they had put over the windows, and the two rushed to the basement to find some safety. Unfortunately, the basement is flooded and they find themselves trapped when the staircase collapses from above.

Charlie essentially loses it assuming they will die there and insisting that Alicia shoot her before she dies and turns. And for a second, we think Alicia just might pull the trigger, but memories of Nick and Madison come rushing in and she sobs saying she can’t do it.

Luckily, the two get out of the basement eventually and live to see the next morning when they take off to find the others. But how will Charlie be received by the group if they actually find them? Our guess is Luciana is not going to be very happy. But if Alicia can come around, surely Luciana will too?

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But no one is at the house when they drive — they’re all just gone. And once again, the world feels like an extremely lonely place on Fear The Walking Dead.

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