Hard Knocks season 13, episode 3 recap: Cleveland Browns 03


This past week, the Cleveland Browns played their second preseason game and struggled somewhat against the Buffalo Bills.

They also got a visit from Dez Bryant. Let’s see what this week’s episode of Hard Knocks focuses on.

We are competing

This week’s episode of Hard Knocks starts off in practice and a coach saying that they are competing. However, after one play a huge fight breaks out between the offense and defense and someone said, “it’s Landry.”

After the opening credits, an old-school promo on the Browns practicing was mixed with fans sounding very optimistic now. Hard Knocks then reminded fans how proud and great the Browns used to be.

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Devon Cajuste is over signing autographs, promising fans it is a good investment.

Hue Jackson is asking Baker Mayfield if he is having fun and Baker said it is better in real games. Jackson laughed and acknowledged that Baker loves playing football, and everything is better when playing the games. Jackson said that Mayfield is doing great and he said that the game is slowing down for him. Jackson said they are getting Baker ready to drive this team.

Country music star Brad Paisley is at training camp watching. Baker joked that a lot of players won’t even know a Brad Paisley song but then Jarvis Landry said one of his old friends from school used to play it all the time and he was a fan.

After this, Baker Mayfield was making some amazing throws and exciting his teammates. Paisley asks how good Baker’s arm is and GM John Dorsey said it is stronger than even Baker realizes and has a great release. Paisley said he reminds him of Brett Favre, but Dorsey said that Baker has to earn that respect.

Hue Jackson said that they are getting there and then he introduced Brad Paisley to talk to the team. He said that he has been a Browns fan since Brian Sipe was the quarterback (1974-1983) and asked them to win for Cleveland. Baker even invited Paisley into the RV to look around.

Brogan Roback and Tyrod Taylor

Brogan Roback (undrafted, fourth-string quarterback) is visiting the botanical gardens with his girlfriend. They talk about how the two met and then show their visit to a butterfly garden.

Brogan asked if butterflies changed colors but – of course, it is a chameleon that does that, which the guy who worked there brought out to show them and let them feed.

Meanwhile, Tyrod Taylor is not out sightseeing. He is in the computer room studying the Buffalo Bills – the next opponent for the Cleveland Browns. This is a big game since Taylor led the Bills to the playoffs last season and then the team traded him to the Browns.

Taylor said that he doesn’t know how he will respond until faced with it. He said that the way he was raised helped him deal with his last season with Buffalo (despite him winning, they benched him at one point and then never gave him respect the entire season).

Tight ends coach Greg Seamon is talking about getting ready for the Buffalo Bills and said that they need to improve on their first preseason game. He said that it is a big game for Tyrod and they want to play well for him.

Back to Brogan Roback, who is doing an interview with Sports Radio 92.3, The Fan. They asked why he mispronounced Tyrod Taylor’s name in the first episode of Hard Knocks. Brogan said that Tyrod told them that is how he told them that was how his name is really pronounced but no one has ever said it right since Lee Corso mispronounced it in college.

They then go to Baker Mayfield in an interview and a reporter asked how he pronounces it and he backed up Brogan and said that his name really is mispronounced by everyone, but he calls him Ty, so it doesn’t affect him.

Finally, they asked Tyrod Taylor. He said that he hears the way everyone else says it the most in his life but he mother calls him the way Brogan pronounced it, but she calls him by his middle name – the only person he allows to do so.

Back to Practice

That fight that Hard Knocks showed at the start is about to happen. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is getting mad because he is telling his players that they are playing dumb. Carl Nassib argues his case and calls Williams “bro,” which his coach tells him not to call him that.

Nassib is making fun of offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s name (Todd/Toad) and the camera is flipping back from Gregg Williams to offensive coordinator Todd Haley during this.

Hue Jackson keeps telling Carl to finish and then seems happy when he plays harder.

Gregg Williams then tells someone on the com system that they are competing, and someone better tell the offense that. When someone complains about the defenses rough play, Williams yells that they just need to learn to block them.

This then leads to Jarvis Landry working with cornerback Terrance Mitchell and getting frustrated because Mitchell is trash talking and holding on every play. Thins finally explode after Landry makes a catch and runs inside where Mitchell then shoves him down from behind. Landry gets up and launches the football into the face of Mitchell and a fight breaks out.

Hue Jackson walks Jarvis Landry off and then watches as Landry looks frustrated. Jackson then smiles, pats him on the back and walks off.

Linebacker Christian Kirksey said he was Mitchell coming up behind Landry and just got out of the way because he knew if he tripped Landry up, he would come up swinging. Kirksey then goes to Landry on the sidelines and said that they need to play smart. Damarious Randall said that the testosterone is high today and he loves it.

Baker Mayfield said that is the type of competition you need to see every day to get better because it shows both sides of the team want to win.

Alonzo Highsmith, the VP of Player Personnel said that he loved hearing Randall say that he loves it here and it made him feel something. Highsmith said that he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys the year after Jimmy Johnson took over and went 1-15 and he sees a lot of similarities.

Team Meetings

Bob Wylie is the offensive line coach and he is talking about the players stretching and said that a lot of the old things were better because stretching is overrated. He said the U.S. military won two World Wars and they never stretched and just did jumping jacks, sit-ups and pushups.

They then showed Wylie coaching his offensive linemen in practice.

They also showed that Wylie is an amateur magician, drives a Maserati and then they show him in the meeting room. He shows photos of Arkansas hogs and Rhinos and then shows a video of a gorilla to show the best posture for blocking.

Next, it is to Gregg Williams in the defensive meeting room where he is – as always – angry about something. In this case, it is lackadaisical jogging around. He said he doesn’t care what they think, their college coaches think, their moms and dads think – that is not who they are. He then just goes off on all their mistakes from the first preseason game.

Defensive lineman Nate Orchard said they have the best job in the world. They then show him with his family and kids as they meet him at practice and then they show him at home. Hard Knocks admits that he is a fourth-year player fighting for his job. His wife said that she wanted to see him, so she brought cookies and now everyone wants her cookies.

Back to Devon Cajuste, who brought some cookies (inside out Oreos) for people to try but can’t get one guy to even try them.

Dez Bryant

John Dorsey is in the office and is answering trivia questions. Who has the most receptions from 2012-2017? It wasn’t Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown or Jarvis Landry, but they said he will see the person in question today.

Dez Bryant is at the airport, getting off the plans and signs a Cleveland Browns helmet with an autograph. Bryant then shows up at the Browns facility. He then walks through and introduces himself to everyone in just about every department before meeting up with John Dorsey.

Dez Bryant then heads into the Cleveland Browns network radio channel and said that they are trying to work things out.

Dez Bryant tells Hue Jackson that he is looking for “realness” and Jackson said that they are about to take off and end up where they rightfully should be – despite the last two years being hell. He said that someone like Dez Bryant, who loves to play, is the kind of person they need. He also mentions how great Jarvis Landry is and said that they need to help the team win.

Dez Bryant said that hearing Hue Jackson talk about winning like this is new to him (a dig at the Dallas Cowboys). Bryant said he loves to learn and wants to hear what he is doing wrong to get better. Jackson said that this could be the greatest turnaround in NFL history.

There is no signing Dez Bryant, yet, though.

Preparing for Buffalo Bills game

Todd Haley is meeting with his quarterbacks and said that they all set the bar high in the first preseason game – except for Brogan (it was a joke).

Hue Jackson is talking to the offensive and special teams’ group and said that they need to work harder and ramp things up every week because they only get four opportunities to prove themselves and this is their second chance.

It is Game Day and Browns fans are hanging up their flags.

The stories are big. Tyrod Taylor against the team that traded him. Corey Coleman is ready to take on the Browns team that traded him just last week.

Then, wide receiver Josh Gordon is shown at the airport. Hue Jackson said that “the bird has landed.” Todd Haley asked if he had been working out and Jackson said yes.

Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills

According to Bob Wylie, the Cleveland Browns must get better at running the ball. After struggling last week, in the game with the Browns, their “posture is perfect, and they are blocking like animals.”

The first drive saw the Browns run the ball seven times, with Carlos Hyde running for 41 yards and a touchdown while Duke Johnson had two of the carries for 22 yards. It was a major turnaround from last week. They also showed that Jarvis Landry was still fired up from the week of practice and delivered some hard blocks.

Jarvis Landry said that is isn’t scared of anything and doesn’t want to be liked by anybody.

Then it was the defense’s turn. The first nine plays for the Buffalo Bills only resulted in nine total yards of offense. As a matter of fact, the Browns defense four straight three-and-outs for Buffalo and didn’t allow a first down until the fourth drive in the second quarter of the game.

However, the Browns didn’t score any more points in the first half and were making penalties, including phantom calls against Jarvis Landry for pass interference, which made Todd Haley furious. More flags came against the Browns’ defense.

Things then looked bad for Nate Orchard. On a play where he wasn’t even blocked, he missed a sack of Josh Allen and allowed a big first down. Gregg Williams admitted that Orchard wasn’t even blocked and still missed the quarterback. Orchard then had another chance and missed again, stressing out both his girlfriend in the box seats and his coaches on the sidelines.

The next play, they couldn’t stop him again. Orchard then actually almost hit him, but Allen threw the ball quickly and tied the game. That was three plays on one drive where Orchard missed the quarterback.

At halftime, it was a Buffalo lead, 10-7. Gregg Williams said that there were too many missed sacks and bad penalties. He said that the team needs to not be “poor me” and go kick butt. Hue Jackson said that the penalties can’t happen again because that is hurting them.

Baker Mayfield is coming out for the start of the second half. He is sacked early on and then is forced to scramble when the blocking isn’t keeping him safe.

It then started raining.

The Browns were 0-for-6 on third down and then picked up their first third-down conversion on a Baker Mayfield pass to Devon Cajuste for 27 yards. Then, Mayfield threw a touchdown pass, but it was called back on an offensive pass interference call against Cajuste. They had to kick a field goal.

Todd Haley told Cajuste he didn’t see it and Haley told him to keep running through people.

Then, Baker Mayfield turned it up again. He hit Damari Scott for 18 yards and an apparent one-yard touchdown pass to Derrick Willies – that was overturned on the replay. However, Nick Chubb scored on a run on the next play to put Cleveland in the lead, 17-13.

That ended Baker Mayfield’s game night.

In the fourth quarter, it was time for Nate Orchard to make up for his mistakes. He did, picking up some solid tackles and finally getting to the quarterback when needed. However, Buffalo scored a touchdown and took a 19-13 lead.

Devon Cajuste even picked up a fumble on a punt return, to supposedly give the Cleveland Browns a chance but the referees said that forward progress was stopped and reversed the clear fumble and recovery on the play.

The next thing they showed was that the Cleveland Browns didn’t give Brogan Roback a single snap to play, showing that he won’t get a chance to show anything in this game.

Back on defense, the Browns got a personal foul on roughing the passer and that ended their chance at a win.

Hue Jackson said that the discipline of the Cleveland Browns needs to get better because their problems were self-inflicted due to penalties. Jackson said that they must get better.

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The last thing it showed was the strength and conditioning coach working out with Josh Gordon at the training facility while the Cleveland Browns left the stadium after losing the second preseason game loss.

The question is whether Josh Gordon will help the Cleveland Browns when he finally steps on the field and will it affect the Browns signing Dez Bryant.