Rick and Morty co-creator signs on for new Hulu series


Rick and Morty is one of the smartest animated series on television right now and its creators are reaping the benefits.

Already, Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland have parlayed the success into a multi-year deal for RIck and Morty with Adult Swim for an eye-popping 70 new episodes.

Now, Roiland is getting a reward of his own. Cinema Blend reported that he has just signed a deal to bring a new television series to Hulu and they liked it enough that they offered him a two-season deal before they ever aired an episode.

The Hulu animated series is titled Solar Opposites and was created by Justin Roiland and his Rick and Morty executive producer Mike McMahon.

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According to the reports, there will be 16 episodes in the initial order, presumedly eight in each season. The question now is whether or not he will get them made in a timely manner — especially considering how long of a wait there have been between seasons of RIck and Morty.

Roiland had previously explained the Rick and Morty delays as he and Harmon spending way too much time perfecting each episode because they thought it might be their last. With the guarantee of at least 16 episodes of Solar Opposites, that fear would be unwarranted.

Solar Opposites is set to debut in 2020, giving Roiland over a year to get it created for Hulu. The story follows a family of aliens who arrive on Earth to find that it is a worse place to live than the planet that they came from.

They end up living in midwestern America.

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Justin Roiland will voice the characters named Terry and Korvo while Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs) will voice the alien Yumyalack and comedian Mary Mack will voice Jesse. It is also presumed that this is an adult animated series and not one geared towards children.

RIck and Morty season 4 is rumored to debut late 2018/early 2019.